And Here You Go

The new Vikings stadium has been unveiled.

About a year after $500 million in public money was approved by the Minnesota Legislature for a new Vikings stadium, the curtain was pulled back Monday, May 13, to let the public see what the $975 million facility will look like.

The new design was unveiled at a 90-minute event Monday evening at the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis.

The building will be asymmetrical and multisided. The roof will slope to ensure snow doesn’t pile up atop it.

It looks like a microwave that fell out of a truck on the freeway.

But at least it’s being paid for by electronic pull tabs oops.  It’s going to be paid for out of your taxes.

The least the Strib, WCCO, KFAN and KSTP could do is give away some free tickets, since this is our “present” to them and their long-term viability.

13 thoughts on “And Here You Go

  1. “It looks like a microwave that fell out of a truck on the freeway.”

    It will look worse if we get anything bigger than an F2 tornado touching down within a block of it!

  2. Wow! We have, or will have, 4 new stadia, gay marriage, increased taxes, nearly dumping of the second amendment, near unionization of day-care…, what a record of accomplishment.

  3. Since the gay community has friends with money lets let them finish the fundraising. After all they are liked and people open their wallets to them since they want to show they are open minded.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  4. I’m thinking the secret funding source that Dayton has planned for paying for this glass menagerie will be the proceeds from all the gay marriage license fees.

  5. IDEA: It looks like it could be a greenhouse. The team can be florists in the off-season, selling roses & tulips at $39.95 a pop.

    Maybe it can pay for itself………..or maybe not.

  6. Does it remind anyone else of the Crystal Cathedral? You’ve got to admit that “The Power of Positive Thinking” seems to be a mantra in helga-braid nation.

  7. watching it on the news…the attendees all seemed very giddy about this gift we are about to give them…against our will…

  8. Zygi’s Big Gift continues the theme of Minnesota’s new definition of marriage…everyone takes it up the @22.

  9. On the bright side, they do have a 100′ image of a football player that will remind sports fans that what they are watching inside is, indeed, the game of football.

    But how will they change the image every week to represent the opposing team’s players, ’cause you know the Queens aren’t playing football! :^)

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