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  1. Heh. Given how enamored the local media is with themselves and this town, I wouldn’t be shocked if someone started the story “Former Timberwolf Jason Collins….”

    Collins played all of 31 games for the Wolves (2008-09 season) over a 12-year career.

  2. Imagine the liberal hate volcano that will erupt when the first SSM person divorces his partner because he found Jesus and became hetero.

  3. Terry–it’s happened already in Vermont, several years back. Lesbian couple, and sadly they’ve been in court for years over custody of their child. Oddly, the courts are tending to decide that the child does not belong with its biological mother.

  4. Bubbasan, I think that liberals have to be called ‘science deniers’ over the ‘sexual orientation’ concept.
    First, most of them have never read what the APA has to say about ‘sexual orientation’.
    Second, there is no biological, science-based test that can reveal orientation. Believe me, scientists and psychologists have tried. They have failed. You can only test for ‘sexual orientation’ by testing for behavior, including, but no limited to, self-reporting.
    Third, since ‘sexual orientation’ is a behavior, and since liberals believe that this behavior is somehow set at birth (though there is no objective, scientific test that will show it), this opens the door to declaring other behaviors as immutable parts of a human being’s existence. Criminality, drug addiction, etc. could be labeled as unchangeable, unavoidable ‘orientations’ based on observing an individual’s behavior. All very scientific, you know.
    I shouldn’t have to say where this will inevitably lead.

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