The Not-Serious Party

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

The Governor was savagely taunted for telling taxpayers their Legislators need a raise.  Could that have been:

No, Governor Dayton, the Legislators don’t need a pay raise.

Now go away, or we shall taunt you a second time!

Joe Doakes

It’s not just that it’s been a do-nothing legislature – although it has.  Seriously – there is serious talk that the Legislature, which is fully controlled by the DFL, will have to go into special session anyway.

No, it’s that everything they’ve done this session has been extreme, divisive and destructive.

15 thoughts on “The Not-Serious Party

  1. Sometimes, being in the minority means not having to take a hard political vote. Most GOP legislators agree that the raise is overdue, but they also said it’s the job of the majority to take the hard vote.

    Increases to legislator salaries shouldn’t come without some reform to make the process more rational:

    >End in-session per diem

    >Standardize per diem rates for the House and the Senate (The current per diem schedule was passed as a work around to get a raise without voting for a raise.)

    >No pay for legislators or the Governor if a budget is not reached

    Either way, it’s not too much to expect some reform to come along with any increase in salary for legislators or the Governor.

  2. In politics, perception is reality. The perception for the legislature is they’re incompetent boobs. The reality they’re clueless. In the private sector, they’d be fired for their clueless boobery.

  3. Compare & Contrast…
    “Sometimes, being in the minority means not having to take a hard political vote. Most GOP legislators agree that the raise is overdue, but they also said it’s the job of the majority to take the hard vote” – Commenter “Emery”.
    “Sometimes, being in the minority means not having to take a hard political vote.”
    “Most GOP legislators agree that the raise is overdue, but they also said it’s the job of the majority to take the hard vote.” – MinnPost writer Doug Grow
    Now “Emery”, this is a comment section of a regionally prominent blog, so maybe a some rules of plagiarism don’t apply, but unless you are in fact Doug Grow, you really should give credit to Doug Grow for writing your comments. And if you are Doug Grow, are you familiar with the term ‘sock puppet’?
    So I didn’t intend to out “Emery” as a plagiarist, but when he, or rather Doug Grow wrote: “Most GOP legislators agree that the raise is overdue”, I thought: “Hadn’t heard or read that before. Wonder what GOP legislators said that on the record?”. Googling “Minnesota legislators raise Republicans” got me to Grow’s article first and that was the only article on the first page that cited GOP members “agreeing a raise is overdue’ was Grow’s. And being a fine established member of the Democrat Dominated Media Cult, I’m supposing Grow needn’t cite a source or even say that on ‘deep background’, he was told this.
    Anyway, “Emery”/Doug Grow? If you have a source you can point me to where GOP legislators are quoted saying they need a raise or legislation they have proposed to give themselves a raise, I’d be grateful if you could list it here at SitD. Now, if it’s simply that some GOP Legislators wish to do away with that cockamamie ‘per diem’ nonsense in exchange for raising salaries an amount equal to what they were getting by maxing out the per diem – note that, along with who, where, when,etc.
    Thanks much, your friend in blog commentry, Seflores.

  4. How can we be having a special session? The Republicans don’t have the votes to stop Mark Dayton’s budget. You know Democrats in 2012 you hammered the Republicans because of the so called government shutdown.

    They passed a budget on time and without a tax increase. We had a shutdown because the governor (who broke a public promise by the way) did it.

    The Republican 2011 House and Senate worked out and passed a budget without tax increase on time while the 2013 Democrat House and Senate can’t get their budget let alone tax increases passed.

    Think of that great advertising you will do in 2014.

    And then you have the nerve to say you deserve a pay raise!

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  5. I’m going to start referring to “Emery” as “Doug”, given his penchant for using another commenter’s real name (after at least twice being warned that that is not playng nice).

  6. Oh, and BTW. While Mitch graciously allows moonbats to have their say on his blog, if Emery is in fact Doug Grow, and not a unsophisticated regurgitator of Doug Grow’s twaddle, I’d suggest his comments be spiked “moderated” until such time as his employers see fit to extend the same courtesy to conservatives on their franchise.

  7. I assumed it was a case of great minds thinking alike but somebody else getting the credit, as when Elisha Gray patented the telephone, John Baird invented the televisor and Betamax the home video recorder.

  8. Priceless – Sef exposes Emery as an empty talking point suit. Burn.

  9. Of course, maybe he figures that since plagiarism didn’t hurt Joe Biden in the long run, he can run with it.

  10. Last week in a response to another commenter’s criticism, Commenter “Emery” said he was a widower, raising two kids who really are above average in academics and athletics despite their circumstances. You don’t think Commenter “Emery” would make something like that up do you?
    Angryclown may be a soulless piece of Stuff White People Like excrement, what with taking the nickname of pedophile and killer John Wayne Gacy for a handle and all.
    But dead spouse? Half orphaned kids? Please don’t tell me that’s made up as well; because that would really be a new low for Lefty’s here at SitD.

  11. Just occurred to me that Doug’s choice of avitar is quite telling. Dr. Strangelove fought to keep his the truth of his insane Nazi self stifled, but he ultimately failed.

    Likewise, Emery tried to keep his mendacious, dim witted moonbat stifled, but like Strangelove, his true nature proved too powerful to contain in a thin veneer of reason.

    Still, I give him credit; most leftists fail the test of truth far quicker.

  12. Actually I find “I’m not sure” is usually the intelligent opinion. But that makes for boring rhetoric.

  13. Angry Clown hardly ever comes here anymore. Katie M is afraid to comment for fear of ridicule. Dog Gone doesn’t love us anymore and maybe never did.

    We can’t chase away Emery-Douggie. Who will entertain us?

    Ease up, guys.

  14. Joe, there is always a bullet-proof option; Mitch could allow Prof Creepy access. Not only is hilarity guaranteed to ensue, his particular dysfunction precludes him from realizing the epic ass he is making of himself, and that others are making of him.

    Personally, I’d buy a simple mea culpa from Emery (it’s not like mendaciousness & poor form from a lefty is a surprise), and allow the fleecing to resume…but that’s not my call.

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