Party On Wayne. Party on Garth.

[Cliff Clavin] “Ahhhh, it’s a little know fact Nawm, that uh, America does not have a two party system. There is actually to date quite a few political parties. Truth be told, this year I voted for the Cool Moose candidate, a Mr. Bill Winkle.”[end Cliff Clavin]

To wit:

AC A Connecticut Party
AF American First Coalition
AH American Heritage Party
AI American Independent Pty
AK Alaskan Independence
AN American Constitution
AM American
BD Builders Party
BT Boston Tea
B Better Schools
BR Buchanan Reform
CC Concerned Citizens
CE Centrist Party
CF Citizens First
CM Cool Moose
CN Constitutional
CP Concerns of People
C Conservative
CS Constitution
CL CT for Lieberman
DC DC Statehood Green Party
D Democrat
E End Suffolk Legislature
FA Fair
FE Free Energy Party
F Fusion Independent
FR Freedom
Fr Friends United
FB Farmers & Small Business
FS Freedom Socialist
FV Family Values Party
GC Green Coalition Party
GN Greens No To War
GR Green
G Grass Roots Party
HC Healthcare Party
HP Home Protection
HQ Heartquake ’08
IA Independent American
IF Independent Fusion
IL Independent Grassroots
I Independent
IN Independence
IT Integrity Party
IP Independent Party
IR Independent-Progressive
IC Ind. Save Our Children
L Liberal
LO Looking Back Party
LA Labor and Farm
LB Libertarian
LF Long Island First
LM Legalize Marijuana
LU Liberty Union
LP Liberty Union/Progressiv
MJ Marijuana Party
MM Make Marijuana Legal
MN Mountain Party
MR Marijuana Reform Party
NA New Alliance
NE Nebraska
NH No Home Heat Tax
NL Natural Law Party
NT No New Taxes
NP Non-Partisan
ND No Party Designation
OB Objectivist
OE One Earth
OP Open
OT 128 District
AO Other
PC Pacific
PN Pacific Green
PP Patriot Party
PA Pacifist
PH Personal Choice
PE Petitioning Candidate
P Party of Ethics & Tradit
PF Peace and Freedom
PJ Peace and Justice
PL Pro Life Conservative
PO Populist
PG Progressive
PR Prohibition
PS Preserve Our Town
PT Property Tax Cut
PV People of Vermont
PW Protect Working Families
R Republican
RS Resource Party
RC Randolph for Congress
RJ Restore Justice-Freedom
RM Reform Minnesota
RF Reform Party
RD Republican Moderate
RL Right to Life
SC School Choice
SL Socialism
SS Save Seniors
SE Socialist Equality
S Save Medicare
SO Socialist
SU Socialist USA
ST Star Tax Cut
SF Student First
SW Socialist Workers Party
BL The Better Life
T Tax Cut
TC Tax Cut Now
TG The Go
TL Term Limits
TS Timesizing
UC United Citizen
UN Unaffiliated
U Unenrolled
UD United
TX U.S. Taxpayers Party
UY Unity
VT Veterans Party
GS Vermont Grassroots
V Voice of the People
VP Voters Rights Party
WC Working Class Party
WF Working Families
WN West Side Neighbors
WP We the People
WV Workers for Vermont
WW Workers World
YS Yes

7 thoughts on “Party On Wayne. Party on Garth.

  1. My favorite of all time:

    Back in North Dakota in the seventies and eighties, there was this crazy old hippie, Harley McClain. He was a Democrat who’d go to the conventions with his guitar and play songs about whatever was going on. He was a media magnet. Along in there somewhere, he “broke off” to form the “Chemical Farming Banned” party (he was, I should point out, an “organic” farmer who presided over a “farm” that was mostly choked with weeds).

    Anyway, he ran for president in 1980 on/as the CFB Party ticket. He lost (perhaps you recall) – after which he did two things:
    1. He noticed that the ballots in NoDak (and many other states) put the GOP and Dem/NPL at the top, and all the other parties below, in an arbitrary order that gave the majors an unseemly advantage.
    2. Because of #1, he “declared himself president of the United States”.

    Because of #1, he filed suit in federal (IIRC) court, and got North Dakota’s ballot placement law ruled unconstitutional (in a precedent that caused several other states to be forced to change theirs as well).

    Because of #1 and 2 together, he became a bit of a national…er, celebrity. He got his fifteen seconds of fame, anyway.

    “Chemical Farming Banned” = one funky party.

  2. Don’t look now, employers fired a ton of people last month in response to The One’s apotheosis.

    Maybe we better form the Economic Refugees from Obamerica Party.

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