Making Politics Just A Tad More Civil Each Day

Aaron Landry – who is Al Franken’s pet blogger at MNPublius, tweets:

Just posted my 250th post…I hate Norm Coleman just a little bit more each time.

Didn’t James Madison say the same exact thing about John Quincy Adams?  Yeah, I’m proud to be an American. 

(Closed Circuit to Zack, Matt and the other MNPublius founder:  Do you guys have any idea how including Aaron Landry on your blog has cheapened your brand?  I have to wonder – did someone from the Franken campaign videotape the three of you picking a Mobster’s wife’s purse or something?  I can’t figure out any other rationale for this particular personnel move.  Just curious). 

(Via the other MB)

2 thoughts on “Making Politics Just A Tad More Civil Each Day

  1. Franken truly is more than obnoxious! He was (and still may be) involved in porn, believes in abortion, etc. His Air America show was pitiful and few listened to his diatribe. We certainly don’t need anymore left-wing, illuminati pinheads like him running for political office. There are enough idiots in Washington now!

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