Attention Representatives Paymar And Martens

Suck it:

The St. Paul-based outdoor goods chain already has 11 Gander Mountain locations across the state — all of which sell guns — but its store in the western Twin Cities suburb will have strictly a firearms emphasis. The company boasts it is “the nation’s leading firearms retailer.”

The 30,000-square-foot Rogers location — formerly a Best Buy — will have its official grand-opening in May.

“The new Firearms Super Center concentrates on firearms, ammunition, hunting and tactical clothing,” said Steve Uline, Gander Mountain’s executive vice president of marketing.

Watch for a bill in the next session banning gun stores larger than 1,500 square feet – and a Star/Tribune Minnesota poll saying 90% of Minnesotans disapprove of big gun stores.

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It’s the market, of course:

In the past few years, Gander Mountain has significantly expanded its firearm offerings, both at its remodeled big-box stores and with its new Firearms Super Centers. The company said the store was planned well before the gun debate exploded nationwide following the Newtown school shooting.

“We debuted this concept in Germantown, Wis., in November 2011, so this is not necessarily a new thing nationwide, but it’s new to Minnesota, and there’s no real correlation to current events,” said Jess Myers, a spokesman for Gander Mountain.

Nevertheless, Uline cited three factors that are fueling firearm and ammunition sales.

“We’re all seeing a high demand for firearms and ammunition and it’s driven by the political environment,” he said. There’s also a strong interest “driven by home defense,” Uline said, as well as the growing popularity of “shooting for enjoyment” at shooting ranges.

Rogers is already home to a rival Cabela’s store, but the location along I-94 was nevertheless attractive, Uline said..

Look for Representative Heather Martens to predict an epic crime wave in the northwest exurbs in the next year or so.

13 thoughts on “Attention Representatives Paymar And Martens

  1. Having pretty close business ties to Gander Mountain, I know that this store was indeed being planned months before Sandy Hook.

  2. Having pretty close ties to Germantown, Wisconsin, I’m glad they finally put some sort of retail there.

  3. Having pretty close ties to Rogers, MN I was hoping for retail that only sold disposable diapers and disposable cell phones along with a check cashing and payday loans place so we might be more cosmopolitan – like The Cities, doncha know.
    Given St Paul’s predeliction to keeping chain stores out, one wonders if Rogers might have had a little fun making a St Paul based chain retailer jump through hoops ala Buffalo Wild Wings trying to open a joint in St Paul near Macalester.

  4. Just what we need – 30,000 sq ft of empty shelves.

    And a couple of full-time guys wearing Google-glasses and talking into their sleeves, walking through the parking lot looking at license numbers for “market research”.

  5. Couple empty buildings on University Avenue in Midway/Frogtown areas that would make a nice Gander Mountain gun store.

  6. Good for Gander Mountain. I hope they succeed wildly. I was in Fleet Farm in Oakdale on Saturday. They had .45 Long Colt and .410 shotgun shells but all the other shelves looked like Old Mother Hubbard’s. Guess I should reconsider that Taurus Judge. I wonder: is a six-shot revolver loaded with .410 buckshot considered “high-capacity?”

    FF – don’t worry about University, they’ll never see another firearms store in St. Paul. The City Council’s objective is to become an open-air Mall of America . . . not one single store where you can buy a shotgun shell or 2×4 but plenty of diverse youth wearing colorful native garb to their knees and engaging in vibrant cultural exchanges. Ride the Light Rail here to watch!

  7. Joe D. – the Judge has a 5-shot cylinder. The capacity isn’t a problem, but one provision of the law they were talking about would ban “shotguns with pistol grips”. Would they consider a pistol that fires shotgun shells a “shotgun”?

  8. I have a WWII 6.5 Japanese rifle that my dad gave me, including the bayonet and scabbard. The military stock, which was in pretty bad shape when he got it from a co-worker and made it rather cumbersome to shoot, so he made a new one for it. I’ve used it for deer, coyote and varmint hunting with much success. Even though it’s a bolt action, it’s wicked accurate and I was pleasantly surprised that I can get all of the ammo for it that I want. Thanks, dad!

  9. At 30K sq ft it will be fun to stroll around and look at the variety and selection. For me it’ll be like a kid in a candy store.

  10. Between Cabelas and Gander I imagine there will be more firearms for sale on that little stretch of road in Rogers than in all of St Paul and Minneapolis combined. Stand by for the Martens / Paymar crowd (the whole dozen of them) to pronounce (in prominent media spaces) that we’ll have shootout’s over parking spaces at the Rogers Target.

  11. Boss pick up a single stage reloader for your 6.5. Should be the same bullets and primers as a .270.

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