What Could Possibly Go Wrong

Senator Dave Osmek (GOP SD33) writes – and I’ll add emphasis:

Here’s a really bad bill: SF271 (Champion). Its not the language in the bill…it’s the repealer. We’re repealing all residency requirements for drivers licenses. Its designed to allow illegal immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses.

Of course, we all know what else you can do with a driver’s license. Vote. Not to mention that a driver’s license is one of the primary forms of ID for an I9 form or getting a passport.

It passed Transportation/Public Safety on a DFL party-line vote. I complained hard about this thing. In talking with one of the more “reasonable” DFLers after the hearing, he said: You’re making too much out of this, Besides, they all vote for US (giggle…giggle).

Remember – it won’t be “election fraud” if it’s perfectly legal by the time of the next election.

4 thoughts on “What Could Possibly Go Wrong

  1. While this bit of leftist lunacy is noteworthy, we’d be remiss not to take note of the new Public School Pervert Protection bills HF826 & SF783, which will codify into law the already mandated Homo101 being taught by certified practictioners in MN schoolrooms.

    According to head cheerleader Sen. Scott Dribble (of course), “This means providing clear definitions of bullying, harassment and intimidation; providing training and resources for students, staff and volunteers, and putting forward specific procedures for schools to report bullying incidents. It also means an emphasis on restorative responses that work with bullies on changing their behavior rather than simply suspending the student.”


    If you can’t imagine what “restorative responses” Dribble has in mind, think Mao’s re-education camps with show tunes and fabulous cloths.

    If you have a kid in public school, there is something wrong with you. Hate to say it, but there it is.

  2. Was it that long ago Republican Tim Pawlenty won his first term as governor in large part because of his plan to include immigrant workers’ visa expiration dates on Minnesota drivers licenses? Of course his plan was unsuccessful, but the election of a “Republican” who promoted it in Minnesota clearly reflects the public’s attitude about the issue.

    SF271 is in principle 180 degrees from Pawlenty’s old worker visa plan. Has the state changed that much in 13 years? Judging from the last election it appears that we have. What happened?

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