Pothole-ier Than Thou

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

It snowed 8 inches last night. The city streets have not been plowed and won’t be, until sometime tomorrow. But those of us who drove on the snow-covered streets, packing down the snow so the plows can’t scrape it off tonight and spinning the packed snow into ice at every intersection, are morally superior to those who looked out the window and said “To Hell with it, I’ve got leave coming, I’m taking the day off.”

At least, I hope we are. I’d hate like the dickens to be sitting in my cubicle not only dumber than those who stayed home, but morally equal, too.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

Gotta say, while I rarely work from home, it is the absolute greatest thing in the world today.

3 thoughts on “Pothole-ier Than Thou

  1. Just listen to yourselves! 8″ of snow and you are scared crapless to stick your nose outside! We have turned into a nation of marshmallows! For shame!

    PS. Everybody at my work made it in (including me) and nobody complained – not one bit.

  2. I’ve been planning to work from home today for about a week after making a mid-day doctor’s appointment near my home. That it just so happens to coincide with a snowfall rivaling the money the unions poured into the 2012 state elections, is a bonus. (No problem getting out to the doctor’s office, or to Pollo Campero for lunch, btw).

  3. We seem to have lost the distinction between a “snowfall” and a “snow storm.” An accumulation of snow is just that, absent winds, ice, cold, etc.

    Now, any accumulation snow is treated as the “storm of the century” and people are conditioned to hunker down, stock up on supplies, and expect the worst.

    I think that the old ritual of putting on the snow tires once we felt it was snow season was somewhat helpful in preparing us for a reasonable response to the expected accumulation of snow and inconveniences it provided.

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