There Must Not Be An Election Going On Or Anything

At the end of February – almost four months after the election, and 20 months before the next one – the Star Tribune does its explosive analysis of individual campaign contributions.

This, after a gubernatorial race where the DFL outspent the GOP on the order of 2:1, and a legislative race with a nearly-as-dismal margin.

And in a piece by Rachel Stassen-Berger with 23 paragraphs, Governor leading DFL donor Alida Messinger got one paragraph and a brief shout out in the lede.

Indeed, the raft of liberal plutocrats who have essentially taken over the entire DFL messaging operation took up exactly six of the 23 paragraphs, along with a brief mention that “Corporations and unions still pour cash into elections”.

The rest of the piece was largely focused on GOP individual donors who, it is noted, largely  sat out the election, or focused on single issues.  The influence of ABM, which essentially entirely controls the DFL at least in terms of message, is ignored.

Well, not quite:

Blodgett and others said she is not the type of donor who makes demands of the beneficiaries of her largesse.

Not “ignored”; “whitewashed” may be a better term.  I mean, if Jeff Blodgett says Governor Alida Messinger behaves herself, that’s good enough for me!

\Of course, when you can act unilaterally with impunity, demands are superfluous… 

4 thoughts on “There Must Not Be An Election Going On Or Anything

  1. The timing of the story is probably caused because the year end financial reports had to be turned in on January 31, 2013. They have a chance after the fact to look at what everybody said they officially got or gave.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  2. Related to election….Mitch, you’ll have to follow the early elections efforts the left is doing. You can walk into an elections office, be vouched for, and vote. You can do this several times in each election.

  3. Two big stories to follow tomorrow.
    The first, Bob Woodward vs the White House. We may actually see members of the press stand up to White House staff.

    The second, Governor Snyder will appoint an Emergency Fiscal Manager for the bankrupt city of Detroit.

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