“We Are The .00000025% Of The 99%!”

A St. Paul Libertarian GOP activist sent this photo of a bus disgorging a load of…

eight people in SEIU caps to protest in front of Wells Fargo.

To Mark Ritchie, I suppose that’s a mandate.

5 thoughts on ““We Are The .00000025% Of The 99%!”

  1. OK, eight people on a bus that holds 40 or 50……boldly emblazoned with the SEIU logo. And the left wonders why we question their business acumen.

  2. Last week SEIU sent mailings to the residences of local home/health care workers to encourage them to attend their organizational rally at the state capitol last wed. (2/20). I was unable to find any msm coverage of what must have been a massive event.

    Did it happen?

  3. Mandate? Who are you kidding. This is a revolution. It’s a symbol of oppressed workers rising up against the profit mongers who are the silent, evil forces behind our collective misery. This is the beginning of a long and successful march toward a unionized One World Utopia.

  4. Hey, quit complaining, at least they rode the bus. Think of how small their carbon footprints must be.

    I wonder where their members bank, and get their mortgages? Wouldn’t it be funny if Wells Fargo adopted Democrat boycott tactics and decided not to do business with SEIU or its members?

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