With Apologies To Jesse Ventura

Former Governor Ventura, if you’re reading this – and I am sure you are – I have to tell you that an apology is in order.

I am sorry.

For four years – including the first year of this blog’s life – I claimed that you were the biggest embarassment in the history of the state of Minnesota.

That crown – or belt, as the case may be – has been passed.  Mark Dayton, when he was a Senator, gave you a run for your money, but it was a transient thing.

But today, there’s no doubt. Keith Ellison is a morbid humiliation to everyone in this state that has the faintest interest in not looking stupid:

Representative Ellison is further proof that Minnesota Liberals never have to learn the art and craft of civil debate; they, like Ellison, come up through school systems where liberalism is taught as the social baseline, and universities where conservatism is treated as an aberration.

Listen to as much as you can. It’s cringeworthy.

I got to talk with the guy one time, on an online talk show. The guy really is more brittle and facile than I thought he was.

So I’m sorry, Jesse. I mean, I was right and all – you were a train wreck. But that was back when train wrecks were just fun rides, back in the cha-cha nineties, when consequences were dim and far-off – not like today, when the future of the Republic seemed as dire as it has in my lifetime.

13 thoughts on “With Apologies To Jesse Ventura

  1. The thing that always amazes me about Ellison, and Betty McCollum, is this — with all the ambitious DFL politicians there are in the metro area, none is willing to step up and primary either of them.

  2. He had the chance to make his case on the 3rd (I think) highest rated cable news program in the country, and instead threw a fit.

    And we are supposed to work with these people?

  3. The worst thing about this juvenile display? The low information, ignorant people that voted for this clown, won’t see anything wrong with his behavior. Scary!

  4. I have seen FB postings about this episode and how proud they are to have voted for Ellison.

    I have, too. Mind-boggling.

  5. Congressman-for-life (and future Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court) Ellison thanks you for your concern. Now bugger off.

  6. I wonder if those FB posters can name anything that their race hustling, douche nozzle pride and joy has done for them. I also wonder how many of them are still trying to get their low interest loans for the tornado damage.

  7. Hakim X AKA Keith Ellison looked like a graduate student of the Chris Matthews school of debate.

  8. You know I don’t know where to be amazed about this performance:

    * Sean Hannity plays exactly what the President is saying and Ellison then accused him of lying about what the President said.

    * Ellison forgetting (along with every other Democrat) that Congress recently passed a massive tax increase.

    * Ellison claiming that the super committee failed because of the Republicans when it failed because the committee that was suppose to work out how 1.2 trillion was being cut over ten years failed because the Democrats didn’t want to discuss spending cuts.

    * Ellison beliving that the President knows what he is talking about when the stimlus bill which Ellison supported did worse then what Obama said will happen if we didn’t act and the Health Care bill will save costs when CBO is now showing that it is increasing the deficit by more than six trillion dollars.

    Makes you wonder what Ellison had for dinner before he went on Sean’s show.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  9. Don:

    They had a chance back in 2006 and they turned it down.

    Walter Hanson
    Minneapolis, MN

  10. What I don’t get is why didn’t he just say, “The president repeated his message for for the different audiences, so what?”

    Ultimately, I think *his* main constituency gets off on how he handled it, even though it looks ridicules to the average person.

  11. Hakim is channelling the trash talking 13 year old hood rat he always dreamed of being.

    He was always ignorant enough, but was lacking the testicular wherewithal.

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