Who Da King?

Today, the Northern Alliance Radio Network – America’s first grass-roots talkradio show – brings you the best in Minnesota conservatism, as the Twin Cities media’s sole source of honesty!

  • I’m back!  I’ll have Senator Julianne Ortmann to talk about the raft of gun-grab legislation the DFL is spooling up. Plus Cam Winton, conservative candidate for Mayor of Minneapolis. 
  • Brad Carlson is back on “The Closer” from 1-3 tomorrow.  Tune on in!

(All times Central)

So tune in to all four hours of the Northern Alliance Radio Network, the Twin Cities’ media’s sole guardians of honest news. You have so many options:

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8 thoughts on “Who Da King?

  1. I’m currently listeneing to Brad Carlson on my am/fm headset. The signal in the seems a little better lately, but still difficult on regular radio. I’m located within a couple miles of AM1280’s Cliff Rd. location.

    Is this as good as it gets, or are they increasing their signal strength? Hope so. I like what I’m hearing.

  2. Twin Cities NewsTalk shows definite erosion, from a 4 share to 2.5. The Davis and Emmer morning show — a ratings rocket a year ago — has lost about a tenth of its share among men 25-54; the rest of the daytime lineup is down a third to a half.

    With the right-wing bomb-throwers exiled to the AM band in the KFAN switch, don’t get your hopes up for any any capitol improvements. With the ‘content’ such as it is, it’s a travesty they can’t muster a much wider audience.

  3. Thanks. It’s now after dark and I can’t listen to AM1280. Davis and Emmer aren’t my favorites by a long shot. Perhaps those of us who prefer conservative radio have to stick to the computer.

    That’s too bad. I think there’s a viable right wing audience out here. Maybe we got too comfortable with the other channel then just drifted away when the promised new FM channel never came to pass. Right now the 1130 AM channel is pimping Jason Lewis and some retirement plan programming.

  4. Joe,

    There are legal and physical (as in “physics”) reasons why you can’t hear AM1280 after dark.

    AM radio signal ranged triple after dark. As a result, some stations have to reduce power or change to directional signals, or both, after dark to avoid interfering with other stations at the same frequency.

    As there are signals at 1280 AM in Fargo and somewhere in Wisconsin, WWTC (AM1280 The Patriot) reduces power AND switches to a directional signal after sunset. Between the two, AM1280’s signal becomes very anemic unless you are fairly close to the transmitter (in St. Louis Park, not Eagan) or in the pattern. Between the two, it really degrades the station’s coverage after dark.

    Upside: As the days get longer, the signal stays better for more of the day.

  5. Talent is still “king” when it comes to ad revenue and “talent” is the missing component in this equation. Mr. Berg may feel a bit like Sisyphus with his endeavor.

  6. Talent is still king.

    So while ratings at individual stations (including the notoriously flighty Clear Channel stations like 1130) ebb and flow, conservative talk radio has largely held its ratings, its outlets, and most importantly its revenue, during a recession that seriously pummeled most ad-revenue-dependent businesses. Music radio (outside Country Western) would LOVE to have the kind of stability in audience and revenue that political talk and sports formats have these days.

    Ratings fluctuations are normal; political talk usually sheds some points after a big election.

  7. Thanks. I suspected that the signal was broadcast from elsewhere. Used to love the old late night stations I could get as a kid … WHO AM was great in the late 60’s – 70’s.

    It has seemed better in the south metro lately, and is quite good in my truck and headset in the daytime. 1280’s broadscast schedule is quite appealing. Hopefully it will catch on. After the last election it is undestandable that political radio might experience a tempprarily decline. I swore I’d never drink again after my first hangover.

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