3 thoughts on “Open Letter To Rahm Emanuel

  1. If Emanuel doesn’t honor a new law we can always trust Holder’s DOJ to compel him to do it…………..RIGHT!

  2. I’m sure they’ll craft a law to let anyone who wants to, apply for a permit, provided that you can A) attend the 16 hours of gun and legal (and possibly moral) training, and B) pay the $9,995 fee.

  3. Fortunately, this applies to the whole state of Illinois, not just to Chicago. There are bound to be some outposts of sanity which will comply with the law.

    By doing so, they will just reinforce Chicago’s status as a corrupt fiefdom in which the peasants’ voices are meaningless. Particularly if they engage in the predictable contortions they are likely to engage in.

    Secondary benefit: President Obama’s likely reaction to all this.

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