Behold The Exposed Id Of The Minnesota Left

Remember when the left thought Sarah Palin’s jaunty “I’m Not Retreating, I’m Reloading” was a lethal threat?

I know; any human being with an IQ above plant life knew that the left was being drama-queeny at best, cynically manipulating an argument for low-information voters at worst.

Beyond that?  It was Berg’s Seventh Law in action.  Because while there’s not a psychopath simmering inside every liberal, or even most, it’s an ideology that promotes and rewards it.

As with this “guy”:

@LETargets is, of course “Law Enforcement Targets“, a Minnesota company that’s gotten flak for making custom targets of armed children, senior citizens and pregnant women, to help de-sensitize police officers to the idea of shooting to kill any of them.

The police’s current focus on “officer safety” at the expense of “citizens’ safety” is certainly worth discussing.

Desensitizing people to killing conservative legislators?  It’s worth condemning.

11 thoughts on “Behold The Exposed Id Of The Minnesota Left

  1. Molby exhibits the same bizarre psychosis that allows leftists to squirt tears about kids being shot while at the same time vowing the abortionist’s suction curette will be removed only from their cold, dead hands.

    I suggest this particular mental disease requires a name…go to it.

  2. I suggest this particular mental disease requires a name…go to it.

    I’ve been trying to curb my cursing for Lent, Swiftee, but I’d suggest that there are in common usage some entirely appropriate two- and four-syllable terms of Anglo-Saxon origin that work well for describing such people. The four syllable one also has the benefit of being very rhythmic.

  3. Oh, brother. I like how my wanting to throw gum at a picture of someone has turned into me being a psychotic, baby-killing something-something who is advocating “desensitizing people to killing conservative legislators.”

    All y’all know about me for sure is that I don’t agree with Mary Franson and that I like gum. I’d bet that if we sat down and had a conversation, you’d realize that we have much more in common than not. Oh well, opportunity lost.

  4. I can easily forego cigars, pale ale and other pleasures for Lent, but not cursing leftists for the mangy dogs they are is just too big a sacrifice for me, Mr. D.

    I’m a poor Catholic specimin; I freely admit it and I congratulate you on your superior control.

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  6. RVM,

    Did we judge you too quickly? Perhaps. Ask any law-abiding gun owner; there’s plenty of that going around.

    But you do have to admit the hatred of Franson – in general, I’m saying – is getting up toward Bachmann-level derangement.

  7. Rvm4 wrote:”I like how my wanting to throw gum at a picture of someone”.
    Not a picture. A military-style shooting target that represents a specific individual. A ‘picture of someone’ wouldn’t have been worth posting about.
    Rvm4, if you disagree with Franson, why did you decide to attack her rather than her ideas? She’s just representing the people that sent her to office.
    To me it seems like more lefty preening. Demonstrating that you are one of the group of people who hates Franson to the people you would like to consider your peers.

  8. My dislike of leftists runs the gamut from Al Franken, whose gleeful acceptance of the looting of a children’s charity to line his pockets earns him an animosity nearing real hatred to SITD troll DG, whose ignorant, inhuman inability to discern the difference between butchering a human child and flicking a boogie off her finger elicits disgust to Betty McCollum whose clueless public displays of stupidity I find amusing.

    But I have not dreamed of obtaining a shooting target with any of their likenesses.

    What I know about you RVM, is that you hate Mary Franson enough to fantasize about shooting at her, and are surrounded with likeminded leftists regularly enough to believe saying so would be not only understood, but found amusing.

    Throwing gum? Yeah, I bet that really confused Betty McCollum….pfft.

  9. I don’t get it. Why can’t we put our favorite faces on targets and blast away at them, just as rvm requested? I know I have a long list of people I’d like to shoot …at.

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