Alice Hausman’s Illiterate Obsession, Part III: Weird Looking Guns!

The next stop on our dissection of HF241 – Alice Hausman’s gun grab bill focused on so-called “assault weapons” – is, I’ll be honest, mind-bogglingly obtuse.

It would ban…:

 (3) semi-automatic pistol that has the capacity to accept a detachable magazine and has one or more of the following:

(i) any feature capable of functioning as a protruding grip that can be held by the nontrigger hand;

(ii) a folding, telescoping, or thumbhole stock;

(iii) a shroud attached to the barrel, or that partially or completely encircles the barrel, allowing the bearer to hold the firearm with the nontrigger hand without being burned, but excluding a slide that encloses the barrel; or

(iv) the capacity to accept a detachable magazine at any location outside of the pistol grip;

This is aimed at the various semi-automatic pistols that have been teased into a vaguely military-looking appearance, like the “Uzi Pistol”

…which are, literally, pistols with little collapsible stocks on them.  They are mostly famous for appearing in movies in the hands of gang-bangers, which is no doubt why Heather Martens some DFL staffer added them to the bill.

But it also includes our old friend the Mauser C96…:

…which can add a stock to make it a light carbine (for horse-mounted troops in the 1800s), and is a big collectible.   No, I had a friend who owned one.  It’s not that far-out.

(I didn’t forget the Browning HP35…

…which the DFL staff and/or Heather Martens didn’t think about, apparently because it’s not appeared in any gang-banger movies or TV shows, but also has a 13 round magazine, so the DFL will want to ban it anyway…)

Later today:  Yes, this bill gets dumber still.

4 thoughts on “Alice Hausman’s Illiterate Obsession, Part III: Weird Looking Guns!

  1. Actually, the Luger pistol with buttstock, as well as any handgun with the buttstock attached would have to already be registered with the BATF as a NFA (National Firearms Act/ Title II) weapon in order to be legal.

    That is, such shoulder-stocked handguns would be considered to be short-barreled rifles (SBR). By BATFE definition, a short-barreled rifle is a firearm with a rifled barrel that is less than 16″ (barrel length), or such a weapon having an overall length of 26″.

    In order to legally own one per Federal regulations, the gun has to be registered with the BATFE, and the owner, after going through an extensive background check, must pay a $200 tax (fee). The gun may then be legally owned, and only transferred (sold) to someone who goes through the same extensive process.

    Unless the ownership of one is prohibited by local regulation (Enter: Ms. Hausman). In that case, they would be illegal regardless of the intentions and background investigations of the owner.

    So, putting a shoulder stock on your standard Glock pistol would already make it illegal under Federal law, whether Ms. Hausman says so or not. And the Feds don’t mess around.

    And even if you have followed all the steps required by the BATFE in order to acquire a gun that could be worth in the six figures (collector value) range, submitted fingerprints, and paid $200 in tax, your rare Luger Carbine variation is no better than a sawed-off single-shot Iver Johnson 12 gauge shotgun with duct tape on the handle.

    I’m sure Ms. Hausman has her reasons …

  2. Swiftee … Regarding the pistol vs. carbine issue, a great deal of misinformation was readily spewed by the MSM during their initial coverage of the tragedy. Amazingly, much of it was without disclaimer. The guns other than the AR clone involved were present but not used. To complicate matters, a number of conspiracy theories have developed aroung the incident which range from absurd to plausible.

    I do believe that a great deal of information regarding the incident has not been released – the killer’s true mental health history, information from family and friends, his family background, beyond the convenient “prepper” moniker of mom, how he got the guns from his mother – including details of her murder, etc.

    We are asked to go off on the convenient narrative that the MSM, likely dictated by the Obama/ Holder spin machine, is using to justify gun control issues. A lot of us are buying into it without question, or demanding more substance.

    Granted, the killer is dead, but we still know little about him, while we seem to know moe about the Giffords killer and Aurora CO. killer than we do about some of our neighbors. Not a conspiracy maybe, but a concerted plan, I believe.

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