Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

Chicago-area National Guardsman survives Afghanistan; gets killed at home:

On February 2, Cook, was shot and killed while in a car near his grandmother’s East Chicago house where he was taking Antoine for a visit. The veteran was found on top of his little boy, shielding him from the 15 bullets that pierced the car.

” He saved his son he made sure that before he left the last thing he did make sure his son was okay,” said Norwood.

Antoine was hit, too, in the left leg. Another bullet skimmed his right and a third grazed the toddler’s head.

Police believe Cook’s murder was a case of mistaken identity, possible retaliation for another shooting just days before. The couple was planning their wedding, and a future.

And I’ll start a countdown before some lib on Twitter says “Hey!  Indiana’s not Illinois!  They’re a shall-issue state with relatively liberal (meaning conservative) gun laws!”

Yeah.  But East Chicago is not just part of the Chicago metroplex; it’s a run-down industrial suburb full of oil storage tanks and down-market housing; it is more or less to Chicago what Bayonne is to New York.

It’s a blip of Chicago-style violence, along with Gary and Hammond (and, downstate, Indianapolis) in a state that’s relatively placid by comparison.

It’s not the guns.  It’s the sociology.  Big, Democrat-controlled cities full of the social pathologies they bring are just plain more dangerous.

2 thoughts on “Like Rain On Your Wedding Day

  1. Can we say it: cities where Dad doesn’t marry Mom before she has his babies are more dangerous? East Chicago, when I was growing up, was something of a working class refuge from the mayhem of the South Side and Gary, along with Hammond. Evidently not so much anymore; the marriage rate is, at about 28%, only a little better than half the national average.

  2. The only solution is to get that self-triggering, high capacity gun off the streets, dontcha know!

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