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Clinton Romesha becomes the fourth living Medal of Honor recipient, for his actions at the ill-fated Forward Operating Base Keating:

“I’m feeling conflicted with this medal I now wear,” Romesha told reporters outside the West Wing after the ceremony. “The joy comes from recognition for us doing our jobs as soldiers on distant battlefields, but is countered by the constant reminder of the loss of our battle buddies, my battle buddies, my soldiers, my friends.”

Eight U.S. soldiers were killed in the fighting and other 22 wounded, including Romesha, who was peppered with shrapnel from a rocket-propelled grenade in the hip, arm and neck. But he fought through his wounds to help lead other soldiers to safety, defend the burning camp from encroaching Taliban fighters, personally taking out at least 10, and retrieve the bodies of the fallen Americans.

And although he’s not a native, I’m going to give a  homer shout-out:

Romesha grew up in the small town of Lake City, Calif., and deployed out of Fort Carson, Colo., fulfilling a tradition of military service shared by his grandfather, his father and his brothers. He now lives in Minot, N.D., with his wife and three children and works in the oil fields.

That’ll be a conversation starter in Minot.

I’d hope to run into the sergeant next time I’m in Minot – but I’d imagine he’ll be busy.

4 thoughts on “A Live Hero

  1. I highly, highly recommend the Outpost by Jake Tapper detailing this battle. Excellent writing, excellent reporting on this hero and others in the battle.

  2. “…but I’d imagine he’ll be busy…”

    Busy enough to decline FLOTUS invitation to sit by her side at the SOTU. Kudos.

  3. There are men and then there are Real Men. The humble Romesha certainly is one of the latter group.

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