Due Process Is For Suckers

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

I wonder if shooting a policeman’s family is considered Domestic Terrorism such that President Obama can issue a Secret Kill Order authorizing the drone operators to drop Hellfire missiles on this guy Dorner?

I know he’s accused of serious crimes and I assume this is the same level of enthusiasm and dedication the LAPD puts into every homicide investigation without showing any favoritism at all because of who the victims were or who the accused killer is; but I’ve got to admit, it is a bit comical that the largest and best equipped police force in the world can’t find one guy supposedly camping in the mountains. God help them if LaRaza ever decides to get serious about reclaiming California.

Actually, this situation sounds familiar. A terrorist with a $1 million price on his head hiding in the mountains and nobody can find him to end his reign of terror. They need to call in . . . Barak “The Slayer” Obama!

I see there’s an update – he’s not the first, some cattle rustlers in North Dakota were the first. So I guess that makes it okay, then.

Joe Doakes

Now that Janet Napolitano is finding terrorists (right-wing ones, anyway) under rocks, I imagine we’ll find out sooner than later.

3 thoughts on “Due Process Is For Suckers

  1. I think of Texas’ “don’t mess with Texas” slogan when I think of UAV’s and their current application.

    Presently, UAV’s are being operated by the military and law enforcement. Among other applications, pilot-less aircraft are currently being developed for use as survey aircraft as they can fly longer and in more hazardous conditions then their piloted counterparts.

    Once reliability has been proven and with regulations in place, expect cargo operators like FedEx and UPS to use pilot-less aircraft to ship their freight. At that point pilot-less aircraft and UAV’s will be commonplace allowing for an easier transition to passenger aircraft. The traveling public may hesitate at first but in the end you won’t be able to beat the price. Over time there will come a day when people wonder how on earth people flew in aircraft piloted by humans.

    That’s my take on the subject as I see it (unfolding everyday as I go to work).

  2. Undoubtedly true. Nevertheless, when I get on a plane, I want to see an old white guy who looks just like Sully behind the wheel.

  3. Last year I attended an event at which Captain Sully was the featured speaker.
    Here is the one of his best quotes from that day:

    “Confidence has to be realistic, based on your education, training and experience. It can’t be wishful thinking. You have to know what is a reasonable risk and what is not.”
    Captain Sully

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