Maybe It’s Just Because They’re Learning Their Lesson?

Common threads are noted in red.

2008:  Joseph Sparkman is found hanging from a tree in a rural area with “pro-GOP” graffiti scrawled on him.  The media leaps to conclusions, blaming the right.  It turns out Sparkman, as one of his last demented acts on earth, opted to try to use his death as a crude smear of the conservatives he hated, including Michele Bachmann.

2009:  After the media publicly assumed a Republican or “Tea Partier” vandalized the Colorado Democrat party headquarters, it was discovered that the vandal, Maurice Schwenkler, was a Democrat hoping to smear his opposition.

2010: After Joseph Stack flew his plane into an office building in Austin TX, the media assumed he was a right-winger.  He turned out – naturally – to be a left-winger.  

2012:  ABC News broadcasts report – picked up by other media – that James Holmes, the Aurora theatre shooter, was a Tea Party activist.  He was very much not.

2013:  After a killing spree teed off by a screeching, shrill leftist political screed, Christopher Dorner’s left-wing politics pass with scarcely a mention in the media.

It seems an odd time for them to rediscover the virtues of detachment, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Just Because They’re Learning Their Lesson?

  1. Mitch, for sake of fairness, why didn’t you list similar heinous acts committed by Conservatives?

  2. Don’t forget Floyd Corkins’, the homosexual activist who tried to “kill as many people as possible” last August at the DC Family Research Council (FRC), and rub the faces of his intended victims with the Chick-fil-A sandwiches he brought along for that purpose.

    The FRC is a conservative Christian organization which promotes traditional Judeo-Christian beliefs regarding the “traditional family unit”. The security guard Corkins wounded was able to disarm him before he could complete his plan. He recently pled guilty to appropriate charges.

    Making lemonade out of lemons, the media was able to score points by demonizing the high capacity magazines Corkins had used.

  3. Or a non-reported story. Within a few days of a radical anti-abortionist killed a late-term abortionist in Kansas, a pro-choice activist walked up to a pro-life activist in Owasso Michigan and shot him in the head. Killed him. He said he didn’t like pro-life people so wanted to kill one.

    Quick poll here. How many here have read numerous stories about the Kansas murder. Now, how many here have ever head of the Michigan murder?

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