No, Really – I’ve Never Heard That One Before

David Brauer of the MinnPost – which seems to be peeling more of the wrapper off the idea that it’s a partisan DFL PR site every week, perhaps filling the “void” the Minnesota “Independent” left – tweeted about the crowd at the hearings for the Paymar Gun Grab yesterday:

Now, David’s a good guy.  About as white as they get, by the way, but I do try to focus on the content of mens’ souls rather than the color of their skin.  Not sure where I got that.  But I digress.

I thought about responding…:

#StuffWhitePeopleLike – see also “Any MinnPost columnist or staff meeting.

Because it is hilarious – southwest Minneapolitan Brauer, at the head of a staff of middle-class, NPR-listening, Volvo/Subaru/Prius-driving U of M/Saint Olaf/Carlton/St. Thomas grads that is more Caucasoid than the Hutchinson Rotary Club, yipping about the skin color of Second Amendment activists?

As is often the case, Nancy LaRoche had a better idea:


Brauer’s defense – everyone on both sides was white, and it’s “interesting who got defensive”.

Because the role of journalists is to “afflict those who are peevish about being perpetually slandered”, I guess.  Especially as the Twin Cities’ media aids and abets the DFL in setting up the debate over Paymar’s gun grab bills as a contest between poor, beset, multiracial urban Minnesota and white, callous, redneck outstate Minnesota.

12 thoughts on “No, Really – I’ve Never Heard That One Before

  1. If I mention there is a disproportionately higher incidence of gun crimes in the black community am I being factual, or am I being “white?”

  2. If voter ID is unconstitutional (or at least a very bad idea) because African-Americans can’t afford to drive/bus/walk/be driven to a DMV office to get a photo ID, than isn’t many of these gun proposals unconstitutional because of the impact on the black community? Insurance for a gun? That is like a poll tax.

  3. By the way…..if any of you have not visited the web site or purchased the book “Stuff White People Like”, please do. Then laugh at your Highland Park, Uptown, Summit Ave, SW Mpls, etc neighbors.

  4. I was thinking the same thing, Chuck, when I read about Obammy nominating REI chief Sally Jewell to head up the department of the interior.
    The demographic that puts ‘conservation’ ahead of jobs is overwhelmingly bourgeois & white.

  5. Good that David Brauer racialized a gathering of citizens in a representative democracy in Minnesota, a state with one of the highest concentrations of people of pallor in the US. He has set a marker for what he judges as news at political events. If he has any integrity, the racial makeup of the crowd will be a feature of all of his coverage of all events from now on.
    PS: Chuck – The best part about StuffWhitePeopleLike is that Liberal’s don’t know the joke is on them. Try not to let them in on it. These people get pretty sore when they learn they are being made fun of. David Brauer’s passive aggressive response to this kerfuffle is a demonstration that these people don’t have an ounce of self-awareness in their makeup.

  6. Gah! Looked at the staff photo’s at MinnPost. Is there a sign out front or is it just ‘known’ that Irish and people of color need not apply?

  7. Did he tweet the same thing when Helga-braid Nation was beating drums at the Capital last year? Perhaps with all the face-paint, he couldnn’t tell.

  8. Now, Now. I am sure that Brauer has many friends who aren’t white. It is even possible that he likes Ang Lee films, and employs Mexicans to do the labor that he considers beneath him.

  9. The people who show up at the legislature are people who will be affected by proposed legislation. The reason your pants-down, bandana-wearing, authentic Urban Yutes didn’t bother to attend is . . . this legislation won’t affect them. It’s disrespectful of their culture to expect them to do all that Acting White stuff like permits and background checks. In their world, you need a piece, you get someone to hook you up, generally from the trunk of a car in an alley for straight-up cash. Demanding anything else of them is racisssss.

  10. I’ve seen that group before, too. They were in the Duluth news last March.

    When a group of white “supremists” staged a rally at the Duluth courthouse to celebrate White Pride, the group that’s shown above (at least it looked like them) set up a counter-rally to demonstrate in favor of diversity.

    Too bad the counter-demonstrators could only espouse diversity and not demonstrate it with their membership demographics. Perhaps the color of the snowballs they pelted the white “supremists” with was symbolic of something.

    I’m glad that they’ve now taken up the pro-second amendment cause.

  11. I got a #ThingWhiteLeftistsLike for Brauer…how about blowing the money your parents saved to put you through college, dropping out and then lying to them about it until they were turning down the covers on their death beds?

    Sound familiar Davey boy?

    Although their money didn’t buy the education they thought they were buying, the experience *did* fit him out for a life of lefty douchbaggery. I hear they just love him at the MinnPost.

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