Just So We’re Clear On This

A few of the local Sorosphere’s dimmer bulbs (“gee, thanks for narrowing it down, Mitch!”) have been doing the end-zone happy dance about this story.

Note:  It’s not me.  No relation.  Never even heard of the guy.  I couldn’t even find Bayport without Google.

That, as they say, is all.

3 thoughts on “Just So We’re Clear On This

  1. What are they happy about? Here’s a guy that wants to quit but feels obligated to keep doing the job until they find somebody else. Oh, I guess an actual work ethic WOULD be an affront to these ne’er-do-wells.

  2. Maybe he’s the Mitch Berg that got a DUI a few years ago that Professor Laughingstock was so excited to claim was you.

  3. I also used to work with one in Duluth, back in the ’70s. He would be in his 60s now and had supposedly become an attorney. More of you out there than you’d realized …

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