Open Letter To MN DFL Pundits And Pols

To: Minnesota DFL Pundits, Politicians, Academics And “Journalists”
From: Mitch Berg, Mere Peasant
Re: Put Up Or…


I’m going to take a moment to publicly reiterate a challenge I’ve posted in the past.

I challenge you – any of you – to debate the Paymar and/or Feinstein gun-grab bills.  In public.

Only ground rules:  We’ll do it in public, at a neutral location.  We’ll have actual debate rules – we can gnosh those out when we set things up.   Bring your “A” game.  You’ll need it.

Have your people call my people.

I am my people.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “Open Letter To MN DFL Pundits And Pols

  1. Jimmy Carter was correct: people have rights simply because they’re human. Those rights do not flow from government, they exist independent of government. Indeed, people form governments to protect those rights and the United States justly condemns nations whose governments fail of that essential purpose.

    The right to life is one such right. Having a right to live is useless without the right to defend one’s life. The right to self-defense must extend not only to defense from individual criminals but also to defense from corrupt organizations including governments. When the Founders wrote extensively of the right of the people to keep and bear arms against tyranny, they fully expected ordinary citizens to have the firepower to resist their own government, as the Minutemen had resisted King George’s armies.

    The Second Amendment intended ordinary citizens to have the same weapons as their own military; else, how could ordinary citizens resist the military? Hunting, home defense and skeet shooting are interesting pass-times but not the basis for the Constitutional limitation on government power.

    The pending legislation intending to ban military style firearms is unconstitutional.


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