Let Them Defend Their Lives With Cake!

As our liberal plutocrat elites surround themselves with armed guards, and as Janet Napolitano arms her federal apparatchiks to the teeth to send them after your guns (assuming Senator Feinswine and Barack Rex get their way), she tells you – mere peasants that you are – that if you, heaven forfend, are involved in a mass shooting, you can defend your life…

…with scissors.

This is what you, mere peasant, are worth to The Regime.

Make no mistake; some resistance is better than none.  Anything that breaks a mass shooter out of their fantasy helps.  Flight 93 showed us that resistance to madness is better than meek submission.

Unfortunately, the old saw “never bring scissors to a gun fight” exists for a reason.  The passengers of Flight 93 are dead heroes.

Far better to resist a mass shooter with a gun.  Every time.  I’ll take being a live schlub playing with his granddaughter over being a dead hero any day.

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