Debate Redux, Redux

I’ll echo JRoosh; I had a blast at Trocadero for the debate party last night. There’s nothing like watching a debate with 400-odd of your closest friends.

I didn’t live-blog the debate because I’ve figured after all these years that I’m just no good at it. But I’ll echo Roosh; both of the candidates did well. Palin was able to stay on the offensive – I think it’s fair to say she won the first half by keeping Biden back on his heels for the most part. She could have done more; at one point, Roosh, Ed and I all noticed that Biden had dodged an answer; “C’mon, Sarah – jump on it!”. She had a few answers where I’d have liked her to have gotten on-point faster.

But on balance? Given that she owned the first half, and the expectations that the media and left (pardon the redundancy) had set – Palin was supposed to run crying from the room, remember? – Palin would have to have been the more impressive performance. Whether it matters for next month or for 2012 matters not.  The left will have to unleash a lot more bald-faced hypocritical sexism to try to negate her than they’ve even attemped so far.

(Che knockoff courtesy my daughter Bun)

I’ll also go along with Roosh on Gwen Ifill. Perhaps the controversy about her upcoming book put her on notice; the conservative alt-media would not tolerate any hijinx. Whatever – Ifill did a good job.

Which isn’t to say that she had much to work with. In contrast with the first Presidential debate with Jim Lehrer, which allowed the candidates to seriously cross-examine each other and spend some time developing (or, in Obama’s case, not developing) positions, the format only allowed for the most shallow, trival, sound-bite based approach to any given question. That, of course, was to Joe Biden’s advantage; it enjoined him from babbling on endlessly, like at the Alito and Roberts hearings.

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  1. So most people have decided who they are gong to vote for. Yet they know little about Barry’s extremism. I’d like to hear Palin ask Biden if he agrees with Barry’s pledge…to nominate judges on the Supreme Court (and other Fed’l positions) that will decide cases in favor of African-Americans, gays and other victim groups, instead of on the merits of the case and the constitution.

    A lot of white hetrosexuals get sued each year. I wonder what they would think if they knew that BHO wants them to lose their case.

  2. CBS instant poll showed Biden winning 46% to 21%, but Pallin was seen as at least not an idiot, which only the most fevered thought anyway. She was seen more favorably by 66% of uncommitted voter/viewers after the debate.

    Spin it how you like, she was fine, but did not ‘win’ among uncommitteds, and not among women. The only people who still use the sexism meme’ are nutcups.

    I SERIOUSLY doubt Ifil had any fear of the conservative nutjobs bloggers out there. She was as even handed as she very nearly always is. Certainly a better journalist than chowder heads like O’Reilly, Hannity, Savage or Hewitt. All of whom doubtless WOULDN’T have comported themselves properly.

  3. Of note, a few people I’ve talked to tuned out after a while which is to say if Palin won the first half, that may have been all they needed?

  4. “O’Reilly, Hannity, Savage or Hewitt”
    These are political pundits, not journalists. That peev doesn’t know the difference explains his weird views on media bias.

  5. Badda, Yes, Baffoonish Badda. He frequently interviews various guests. Bloviating Badda, and I frequently listen, Bombastic Badda.

    Troy – according to Mitch, this whole spectrum of blogging is ‘alternative media’ – a claptrap of wilfully accepted biased constituting decent reporting.

  6. Peev,

    Go back and rewrite your last sentence. Sloppy suffixes and verb/tense disagreement render it unintelligible.

    No, I mean really.

  7. In Peev’s world, “The Minnesota Independent” is a bastion of unbiased truth and journalistic integrity.

    Also in Peev’s world, midgets wear shoes on their heads and dogs drive cars.

  8. “but Pallin was seen as at least not an idiot…”

    An event that Peevee can only dream of.

  9. Peev,
    You might reconsider your “treatment” of Hewitt. I’m not much of a Hewitt fan, but he handles interviews and opposing views fairly well. Especially when you mention him in the same breath as Savage.

    (Cool down before typing a response… the English language is at stake.)

  10. penigma said:

    “Troy – according to Mitch, this whole spectrum of blogging is ‘alternative media’ – a claptrap of wilfully accepted biased constituting decent reporting.”

    Hey, penigma, thanks for letting me know that. Now, why did you let me know that? 😉

  11. I SERIOUSLY doubt Ifil had any fear of the conservative nutjobs bloggers out there.

    “Be afraid of those conservative nutjob bloggers? Who? ME? I’m Dan f****ng Rather!”
    — Dan Rather, August 22, 2004.

    “‘Afraid’ des bloggeurs conservatives nutjobbaise? Hah! Je suis Jean Chretien, Prime Ministeur de Canada!”
    — Prime Minister Jean Chretien, December 3, 2005.

    She was as even handed as she very nearly always is.

    Not really. While Ifill avoided the obvious “gotchas”, as Ed notes, her topic selection favored Biden. No questions on gun control (which would have forced Biden to square his and Obama’s contradictory positions). Nothing on abortion (where Biden would have had to square his pro-infanticide politics with his Catholicism, and with the Chuirch’s rejection of his views). Nothing on energy, where Biden is terribly weak and Palin quite formidable.

    Ifill was even-handed compared to, say, you – but not much else.

    Certainly a better journalist than chowder heads like O’Reilly, Hannity, Savage or Hewitt. All of whom doubtless WOULDN’T have comported themselves properly.

    What exactly do you think you accomplish by writing things like that?

    Hewitt in particular is quite a fair, even-handed interviewer – indeed, he used to work for the Los Angeles PBS affiliate.

    Clearly you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  12. her topic selection favored Biden.
    I agree. A quick look at the transcript shows that all but two of the questions concerned specific legislation or official US foreign policy. There were no questions about, for example, the judicial philosophy each would favor, the role religion should play in politics, etc.

  13. Good point, Terry. I can’t believe Ifill asked all those, you know, government questions. Nothing on how to start your car at 50 below zero. Not a single question on how to come up with stupid names for your kids, flute playing…

  14. She didn’t ask ‘governemnt questions’, AC. If that was so a question about the role of religion in politics and judicial philosophy would be important. Ifill asked questions about specific legislation, ie:

    “The House of Representatives this week passed a bill, a big bailout bill — or didn’t pass it, I should say. The Senate decided to pass it, and the House is wrestling with it still tonight.

    As America watches these things happen on Capitol Hill, Senator Biden, was this the worst of Washington or the best of Washington that we saw play out?”

    Biden has long experience as a legislator. Palin does not. A question that would favor Palin’s experience rather than Biden’s might be: “An executive has to submit a budget to the legislature every year. Can you tell me what principals you would consider most important if you had to determine the annual budget for the federal government.”
    “One of the duties of the president is to make judicial appointments. Can you tell me what qualifications you would consider when appointing a federal judge.”
    Palin’s office has submitted budgets and she has appointed judges. Biden has not.

  15. “One of the duties of a small-town mayor, Senator Biden, is to open up the Town Hall Double-wide for business every morning. Would you use a broom or a rake to knock down the dangerous icicles hanging over the entrance?”

  16. Your response is snark, AC. Palin is no more a small-town mayor than Biden is a plagiarizing law student.
    Fits your pattern, though. I write a comment. You try to refute it. I explain how your refutation is silly. Your quiver empty (in more ways than one) you respond with snark about those hicks in small towns.
    Your current governor is a blind, illiterate drug using adulterer. His predecessor used high price call girls while he prosecuted rings supplying, ahem, high price call girls to political & financial figures.
    Spitzer-Paterson got elected with 69% of the vote. Barack Obama is favored to win NY with 58% of the vote in a recent poll. Obviously he needs to work the corruption angle a little harder if he’s going to rise to the popular level of the Spitzer-Paterson ticket.

  17. There are high-school student body presidents that got elected with bigger vote totals than Caribou Barbie got in Wasilla, Blofeld. And her state’s got the population of Staten Island. So forgive Angryclown if he’s not impressed. (Except by her librarian MILF hotness, which even Angryclown can’t gainsay.)

    Wondering what’s made you so angry. Is it that McCain didn’t pick your hometown honey, Linda Cunnilingle, as his running mate? The impending electoral defeat of all you represent? Angryclown’s guessing it’s the gay biker link he posted in response to your self-fetishizing post about your rebel-without-a-clue motorcycle days.

  18. I think Blofeld is the nick of another commenter at SITD, but I do admit that I admire the Ernst Stavro Blofeld of the Bond novels. Except for the gay part.

    I thought only Texans made a big deal about the size of things. In any event your snark is just snark. The population of Arkansas is about the same as the population of Brooklyn, Lincoln was an obscure congressman from a frontier province, etc. Barry is from Hawaii (population less than a million when he lived here). He was a state congressman from a safe — meaning politically undivided — district with a smaller population than Alaska. He got his senate seat by default, unless you think that airlifting in Alan Keyes seriously challenged the man anointed by the Chicago political machine.
    As far as “The impending electoral defeat of all I represent”, I am not a republican and I detest McCain. The only advantage he has (as far as I’m concerned) over Obama is that McCain has integrity. Also he is lesslikely to appoint America-hating terrorists to his cabinet.
    FYI, I think Lingle never made it to the short list. She’s a Republican in the Schwarzeneggar mold. She’s too much like McCain and too little like Caribou Barbie. Did you get that lesbian reference from me or has that rumor actually made it out of Hawaii?
    One last bit. I really would like to know what you think Obama’s done that qualifies him to be president. I’ve been asking all the Obama supporters I know but I can’t get a straight answer out of them. Some of them think he’s actually in favor of gay marriage! They don’t name accomplishments, but characteristics or how they ‘feel’ about Obama, “he gives me hope for the future”, “He’ll change things in Washington”, etc.

  19. And, AC, if you’d like to see what a real volcano lair looks like, here is the B&B catty-corner from my house:
    Sure, the owners, Peter & Kathleen, seem normal enough, but they have a lot of Obama signs on their property. They are from the Bay Area and possibly they are secret communists. They allow their ‘guests’ to park on the street. That’s against the covenants. More than once I’ve caught Peter dumping his green waste in the empty lot across the street.
    Damn hippies.

  20. There are high-school student body presidents that got elected with bigger vote totals than Caribou Barbie got in Wasilla, Blofeld.

    And they, like Palin, have more executive experience than Obama.

  21. Yet the guy at the top of your ticket has zero executive experience. Cheney, Rummy and Paulson? Plenty. Whatevs. The talking points require you wingnuts to pretend Caribou Barbie is some kind of serious person, and not just fundamentalist eye-candy. Makes for dull blog reading, but gives Angryclown all kinds of comedy ammunition.

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