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Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Kansas is a  right to work state.    Michigan is not.

GM plans $600M upgrade at Kansas City plant while Detroit edges closer to bankruptcy.

Just a coincidence, no doubt.  And easily avoidable under the principles of Obama-nomics:

“Detroit Council Member JoAnn Watson, who along with two other members of the city’s all-black City Council has been resisting reform measures, said she is still hopeful of a federal bailout or an injection of state money that she claims the city is owed.”

Coming soon to a location near you?

Joe Doakes

Como Park

If Moses had been a liberal, he’d still be waiting for the Coast Guard to part the Red Sea.

16 thoughts on “State Of Entropy

  1. Her rant was caught on camera and when I saw that idiot making those remarks, I just started laughing. The entitlement mentality is out of control and Michigan has fallen victim to decades of it. I do know, from speaking with friends that live there, RTW is getting lots of support, even from members of the unions. It is also getting close to a vote in their state legislature.

    Kevin Jackson had a “tale of two cities” type of illustration on his blog a couple of weeks ago. He has side by side pictures of a city run by the GOP, Provo, UT with a picture of decaying buildings in Detroit, run by the Dems.

    Unfortunately, I think that we will have some of Michigan’s problems with the morons in charge of the legislature.

  2. Want to know what happened to ancient Babylon? They know it’s a large mound of sand in Iraq, but they have no clue why the civilization just disappeared. I’ll bet if they dig deep enough in the ruins they’ll find democrats.

  3. Never bet the rent that the brain trust running GM (management and unions) is making the best decision for the stockholders (those of us who pay taxes to service the debt and our children and their children). Kansas probably offered management free car washes for life and union leadership subsidized travel with Senator Bob Menendez to the Dominican (IYKWIMAITYD). Fiat, er make that Chrysler is doing well at Detroit’s Jefferson Ave facility which is as close to a world class production facility as anywhere and with the sweeteners and debt forgiveness given them by local, state and two federal governments, they will likely keep doing well there after Detroit files bankruptcy.
    Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick just went to the can rather than answer where he’s getting his money from these days to pay witnesses to keep their mouths shut – in a story that I heard on Regime Approved, State Subsidized Nat’l Public Radio that allowed listeners to play “NAME! THAT! PARTY!”.
    As a native and and annual visitor to MoTown, this story (in cartoon format for we low-information types) from Reason Magazine best sums up my idea of the situation there…

  4. I think pointing out Detroit’s City Council is all black was not necessary. The fact that they expect the federal government to”bail them out” is the point. $16.5 trillion national debt. Who’s gonna bail out the federal government? I recall that overjoyed woman in Florida back in 2008. Now that Obama was elected she didn’t have to worry about her mortgage or car payment. 47% functional illiteracy. We seem to have 100% economic illiteracy.

  5. The TC Metro schools are giving Detroit a run for our money. A rock solid 42% failure to graduate rate is already in place…. All that is lacking is a few more bales of cash and MN is a real contender.

  6. The wife of John Conyers, who represents MI in D.C. was also charged with some kind of fraud a couple of years back.

  7. Speaking of right to work states vs. union thug states:

    “GREENVILLE, SC (FOX Carolina) – A congressman from the Upstate is encouraging America’s oldest gun maker to move from New York to South Carolina.

    U.S. Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-Laurens, recently wrote a letter to George Kollitides, CEO of Remington Arms’ parent company Freedom Group, urging him to move the company’s plant in Ilion, NY, down south.

    In the letter, Duncan said his home state is more sympathetic to gun rights and has a successful business climate, citing companies like Boeing, BMW, Michelin, Amazon, Bridgestone and ZF.”

  8. I want to understand this concept: Money goes to places where it can thrive?

    Pardon my incredulity. I went to a public school.

  9. I want to understand this concept: Money goes to places where it can thrive?

    That’s why the government wants it all so they can keep it penned up (for its own good, of course).

  10. Cancer is an uncontrolled growth. Apply this logic to capital and you have Democrat fiscal policy.

  11. swiftee; If Freedom Group were to move from New York, there may be people chasing Der Cuomo with pitchforks and torches! That would be a sight to see!

    Of course, DPMS/Panther Arms, also part of Freedom Group, may go there, too if the orcs in this state have anything to do with it.

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