9 thoughts on “Be Afraid

  1. Hopefully one of Dim Bulb Betty’s handlers has some experience with weapons. She’s liable to look down into the barrel of a weapon and ask what happens when you pull the trigger?
    She’s probably perfect for the Democrats military though. Designated breastfeeding foxholes, affirmative action quotas in the award of Congressional Medal of Honor and an added tax on senior officer pay as they can afford it.
    Seriously though, given the winding down of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military can get back to being a social welfare agency* that does training in cool and dangerous things while housing, feeding and caring for the well being of the service members in garrison.
    *Except when they are needed as political pawns/operative by the President (http://thehill.com/blogs/defcon-hill/policy-and-strategy/279449-new-special-ops-command-in-mexico-politically-motivated-analysts-claim).

  2. …you mean more afraid than when she actually got elected in the first place? Not sure it’s possible…

  3. It’s all good, actually. Nothing she proposes will come to pass but her observations will be easier to chronicle now. It’s tough to knock her out of office, but I’ll personally enjoy asking Rick Nolan, Tim Walz and Colin Peterson if they agree with their colleague on various issues.

  4. Through the years, my personal nickname for Amy Klobuchar has been “The Witless Wonder”. Turns out she may have competition.

  5. Maybe now we can get some of her stupid-ass comments on tape. Her handlers don’t like to let Betty speak in public without a script.

    Remember when Betty refered to Tea Party activists using the crude sexual term “teabaggers”? I do. It only took about an hour for it to be scrubbed from her website (I think it was in some kind of press release) and from the Star-Tribune web site.

  6. Maybe now we can get some of her stupid-ass comments on tape.

    In about 20 minutes, in fact.

  7. I’m betting the Chair will give her some blocks to play with to keep her occupied, but I hope some enterprising center/right bloggers (nudge) might take the opportunity to review the committee’s records. There is sure to be some wonderful quotes from The Boob of Mac-Groveland.

  8. I disagree Swiftee. I think the chair will make her into a passionate advocate for cutting the defense budget. “Gosh, Secretary Hagel, you’ve managed to cut the DOD budget even lower than I had hoped!”

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