Huge Announcement From Dayton

Speculation is that, along with the budget, Governor Messinger Dayton will be proposing “reforms” to the state tax code today.

My predictions:

  1. The budget will be over $40 billion.  That’s how many chits she he owes.
  2. Re: Tax “Reforms”:  I suspect unicorns may actually be involved: Like the French and the Californians, the DFL has a history of assuming money grows on trees, or is borne down from the sky in golden bags on the backs of unicorns.
  3. GOP Territory = Salt Mines: Look for Local Government Aid – used as a subsidy of Minneapolis, Saint Paul ,and Duluth – to make a triumphant return, like Lenin coming back to Petrograd. LGA will revert to its nineties-era form; the parts of the state that work (i.e. are mostly GOP) will be impelled to subsidize the parts that don’t (Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Duluth), on top of the parts that LGA was originally supposed to help (small, poor, older towns, and the perpetually-ailing Iron Range).
  4. Lots of “aid” to the Iron Range, to help make up for the fact that the metrocrat DFL Environmental movement is going to accelerate the strangling of the mining industry.

Bonus question 1:  Which company will be the first to announce layoffs?

Bonus question 2: Will Governor Messinger Dayton videotape of this event?

5 thoughts on “Huge Announcement From Dayton

  1. When I lived in the Duluth area, I was always amazed and a little disturbed when the city would get some free money, say about $4,000,000. Where it would go would be decided by “community activists”. So if you had connections, you got the money.

  2. A forty billion dollar budget for MN? That’s 60% higher than it was in the free-spending era of Ventura (2000/2001). It’s the same story in my state. The health of the state is obscene. No diminished expectations in the halls of government!

  3. Sorry Minnesota. You were stupid enough to give the congenital idiot a DFL majority in the house AND the senate. Reap the whirlwind. Or drop your pants and grab your ankles. Six of one, half dozen of the other.

  4. What do Mpls, StP, and Duluth have in common? They’re all dead from the neck up. Life support is futile, give them what they’d readily give to another, the Terri Schiavo treatment.

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