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I actually made it to Keegan’s for maybe the second time all summer last night.  The occasion was Katie McCollow’s 12th 29th birthday party.

The usual suspects were there – Night Writer and the whole imminently-expanding clan, AAA, Joe “Learned Foot” Tucci, Chief, Guy, Lassie (and a potential new dog) from Freedom Dogs, Neal from Loyal Opposition,  (who got to talk all sorts of NYPD trivia with fellow former NY cop Dan Conry), and a bunch of others I know I’m forgetting…

…which doesn’t even address the horde that the McCollows brought.  Mike, of course – and if you’d told me twenty years ago that I’d be standing on a patio having a conversation about Polish basketball, I’d have had you committed), big sister Mary Louise, and one of the little sisters whose middle name eludes me, but with the Hubble family you can at least guess there’s a “Mary” in there somewhere.  Of course, their brother Joe was a neighbor of mine in college, and Mary Louise’s husband coached the Jamestown College hoops team when I was in school.  It’s truly a small world, Poland included.

Anyway – it was a great time. My only regret was having to leave after an hour.

5 thoughts on “About Last Night

  1. I remember one of your Twin Cities Talk Hosts reviews a couple years ago, and you mentioned that Dan Conry frequently mentioned he was an ex-NYC cop….WAY frequently…..WAY WAY frequently.

    I understand how you might get tired of that frequent reference, but for my money Dan was FAR more listenable than Chris Baker is.

  2. Dan should be back on the air. That he’s on the beach while Baker and Willie Clark continue to broadcast is a crime.

  3. Willie’s listenable, but not really prefered… Dan’s sorely missed.

    Langdon’s worse than Baker. When the two of them get together on the air it gets even worserer.

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