Fearless Prediction

We’ll be seeing a lot more stories about the national crisis of fictional girlfriends and “catfishing”, about Kate Middleton’s pregnancy and weight, about Lance Armstrong, and of course about all those precocious children and their demands for gun control

Wny do I predict this?

Just a hunch.

3 thoughts on “Fearless Prediction

  1. Don’t forget Taylor Swift, Kim K and Lady Gaga. American hunger for substantive moral/ethical trends exploding.

  2. Did you notice the letter to the editor in today’s Strib where the writer says that “Men do not let children fight ther battles.” I hope he saw the front page picture of the President signing Executive orders surrounded by–children.

  3. I love this comment from the article:

    “Later today, Holder is having a press conference surrounded by Mexican children that have written him letters asking him send more assault weapons. The cartels are running out.”

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