Open Letter To Every Single Minnesota State Legislator

To:  All Minnesota State Legislators
From: Mitch Berg, Peasant
Re:  Powers

Dear Esteemed State Representative Or Senator,

I have  a couple of questions for you.

  1. Do you support President Obama’s decrees, especially the ones trying to turn legal, law-abiding gun ownership into a public health issue?  I’ll ask you not to equivocate; yes, or no?
  2. Are you supporting legislation this session to “control guns” in Minnesota?
  3. If so – how do you plan to publicize your approval for the Administration’s actions?
  4. If not, how do you plan to manifest this dissent politically?  Concrete terms, please.

Please make your stance on this issue as public as you possibly can.  It does need to be part of voters’ decisions in this next election.

As it was nationwide in 1994, and in Minnesota in 2002.

Thanks for your attention to this matter.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Open Letter To Every Single Minnesota State Legislator

  1. The other morning talk show had rep David Dill (D-somewhere up in the iron range) on this morning. He made it very clear that if ANY gun control legislation were brought forth to the MN House, he presumed that all 61 Republicans would vote no. He also said that he would absolutely vote no, and knows 4 other Iron Ranger Dems will vote no, including Tom Bakk. That only left the need for 2 other rural Dem reps which he thought would be easy enough to find. He was quite confident that any attempts to bring bills to the house floor would be either stopped before they got there, or defeated if they did get there.

  2. Bill,

    Yep. The DFL remembers 2000 and 2002, when pretty much every *outstate* DFLer that opposed Shall Issue got swept out. It vexes the metrocrats, but the outstate DFLers are largely not stupid on 2nd Amendment issues.

    Not anymore, anyway.

    The Metrocrats are another story.

  3. Yea, they also had Pine County Sheriff Robin Cole on. He sent a letter to his constituents that he would not follow any federal laws that infringe on their Second Amendment rights, which is what he feels that these latest edicts from the King will do. He also says that his department is so overwhelmed with C & C permit requests, that he is running the risk of having to issue without checks, which he definitely doesn’t want to do. Apparently, he has strong support from those constituents.

  4. Now I just wish we could get Robin Cole to run for Sheriff of Ramsey County once his term in Pine County expires.

    A guy can dream, can’t he?

  5. Mitch,

    I know, re: your last sentence. The ONLY good thing I can say about being “represented” by the guy who won the vote of my house district after Lyndon Carlson was redistricted to the A side of 45, is “At least he’s not Eddie Haskell…er….Ryan Winkler.”

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