Abolishing Gender

Katherine Kersten takes on a bill that will likely get fast-tracked in this unicorns-and-rainbows legislative session; “anti-bullying” legislation:

But what if the antibullying campaign now unfolding there has little to do with protecting the traditional targets of bullies: kids who are pudgy, shy or “vertically challenged”? What if it’s driven instead by a political/cultural agenda that’s not so much about stopping bad behavior as it is about using the machinery of state education to compel children to adopt politically correct attitudes on “the nature of human sexuality,” “gender identity” and alternative family structures?

What if a new antibullying law would require private religious schools — along with public schools — to enforce this agenda, so families who don’t want to subject their kids to indoctrination in state-approved views of sexuality have no educational refuge?

In the 2013 legislative session, you’ll hear lots of warm, fuzzy language from lawmakers and public officials about protecting “all kids” from bullying. You’ll read about hearings designed to break every legislator’s heart with tearful stories about bullying.

But every Minnesotan with a child in public or private school should understand that there’s more going on here than meets the eye. Antibullying legislation is coming early in the session; its final shape is unknown. But the legislative goalposts were set in August 2012 by Gov. Mark Dayton’s Task Force on the Prevention of School Bullying, whose report announced recommendations on the shape a new law should take.

What it basically means is that Minnesota’s kids – in every school, religious freedom be damned  – will be systematically taught that gender doesn’t matter.  That there’s no difference between men and women, and that having a traditional (also scientific) view of gender is, itself, a form of bullying.

And, by the way, it won’t prevent a single case of what most of us think of as “bullying”.

And since it’s “for the children”, it’ll skate through with scarcely a speedbump.

7 thoughts on “Abolishing Gender

  1. I can live with leftwingers running their left wing insistutions (think Macalester), and have learned to accept them controlling public entities (public education), but now they want to take over privately run moderate or conservative (or just independent) organizations and force them to become liberal.

    -Obamacare and the mandates on private schools, hospitals, businesses
    -The bullying of things like Target last year when they gave money to a pro-business organziation.
    -And this issue talked about above.

    Imagine if conservatives ran the state, and they were going to have conservative Christian activist groups go into schools (public and private) and promote pro-life causes.

  2. I’m tired of warning people about what a cesspool the government schools have become. It’s clear that the few who do care, like the smell of (moon) batshit. Everyone else has moved their kids to private schools, charters or is home schooling.

  3. Plus, once “bullying” is codified, it will provide a vast source of litigation for our underworked trial lawyers. A bonanza the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the golden days sexual harrassment. School districts are a relatively untapped source of punitive damages. Plus, it’s government money so no one will really be hurt.

  4. This will go nicely with the “anything is a family” message carried in many animated films out there.

  5. Further evidence, were any required, that the most important thing you can do for your children or grandchildren is to get them the hell out of the gubamint skulz.

  6. “Imagine if conservatives ran the state, and they were going to have conservative Christian activist groups go into schools (public and private) and promote pro-life causes.”

    Your dream is my reality, Chuck. Lots of Jesus talk in SC public schools, hell, they even have Christmas pagents, and not a peep out of the few leftists skulking around Columbia.

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