Half-Life Of Democrat Conventional Wisdom

Three weeks ago: “Democrats think putting armed guards in schools is “cray-cray”, stupid”.

Today?  Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

No armed police in schools! That would be bad. For example

Well, bad for the madman anyway.

Hat tip: instapundit

In related news, the White House is considering funding armed school guards.

I’m guessing that comes after a call from one union or another.  Can’t have non-union guards watching our kids, can we?

Three weeks from now:  “Democrats have always supported guards in schools, Winston!”

2 thoughts on “Half-Life Of Democrat Conventional Wisdom

  1. Democrats won’t even notice this incident because it did not involve a mass shooting (a “mass shooting” requires four bodies). Democrats can’t admit the school cop prevented a mass shooting because that concede the NRA’s point. Look for the school cop to be disciplined for “endangering children.”

  2. The Most Liberal President Ever proposes $50 million for school cops, in 2013 dollars. Bill Clinton proposed $60 million for it in 2000, back when $60 mlllion was real money.

    Whoever heard of a liberal NOT spending money? Obama must HATE this idea to open the bidding so cheaply.

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