Another Opportunity For A Pointless Knee-Jerk Bleeding-Heart Law!

Joe Doakes from Como Park emails:

Not every high school needs a cop on-site to protect students from firearms. St. Thomas Academy students know very well how to handle their weapons, their rifle team is going to the national championships. Go Cadets!

Joe Doakes

It’s amazing they aren’t all dead, what with all that contact with guns and stuff.

But congrats, Cadets!

But Joe?  Be careful.  The DFL can fix that.

19 thoughts on “Another Opportunity For A Pointless Knee-Jerk Bleeding-Heart Law!

  1. I’m not aware of any attempt to outlaw either ROTC classes or rifle teams, either shooting or drill teams. That’s more ignorant ill-informed paranoia peddling, which Joe so often indulges in – getting the facts straight is not his strong suit (or yours).

    You know what IS a total waste of time and money? Michele Bachmann’s futile attempt for the 34th time to submit legislation to repeal Obamacare, for an estimated cost of $50 million tax payer dollars (cumulatively), instead of tending to business and spending that tax payer money on more useful things like passing the Violence Against Women Act or disaster relief for Hurricane Sandy – long overdue.

    Given the extremist attempts to enact culture war legislation by the right, I can easily understand why you are so worried the left and center would do the same; they’re better than you are, so they won’t.

  2. Penigma’s Chihuahua (AKA DG) why didn’t you just stop at “I am not aware”?

    And do your friggin’ homework!

    Then maybe you could become aware.

  3. DG,

    Then add it to the long list of things of which you have no idea.

    If STA were still in St. Paul, their rifle team would likely be illegal. The Army is not allowed to use its M16 *simulator* in its recruiting van, and I’m fairly sure the JROTC units in St. Paul (which the SPPS board is constantly trying to ban) can’t do rifle drills on school property, since they involve *dummy* rifles, and even making a gun shape with their fingers can get SPPS kids suspended on a “weapons violation” for three days.

  4. Is she trying to look like an idiot? If she’s not, how would things be different? 😉

  5. If only we could find a way to use an AR15 to sweep the uterus free of unwanted, inconvenient children before they are delivered, mongrels like DG would be applying their inchoate papspew towards the goal of making one in a size that fits in a purse.

  6. Oh, and DG?

    getting the facts straight is not his strong suit (or yours).

    I’m not going to feign the vapors over some imagined or trumped-up insult (as you and Pen are liable to do on your own blog, when a discussion vexes you). I tolerate most anything.

    But your arrogant and smug schtick is way past its shelf date.

    Your “facts” are so frequently shredded in this space, I’m at a bit of a loss to think of a time when they weren’t. Go back through, well, every thread in which you’ve posted in recent months (go for it!).

    You are, in short, the least factual commenter in this space. Bar none.

    And that’s fine. Marinade in your delusion if you’d like.

    But the insults are getting old. You’ve done nothing to deserve to give them.

  7. I HIGHLY doubt that ANY legislators attempt at getting a legislative proposal heard makes one whit of difference as to whether the Hurricane Sandy relief bill gets heard in a “timely” manner.

    And you’re worried about 50 million dollars? Shit, congress sneezes and it costs us 50 million dollars. Why aren’t you worried about the 60 BILLION ANNUALLY that we blow on Medicare fraud?

    Because you’re a crappy partisan hack.

  8. Cretin Derham Hall ROTC, to the best of my knowledge, uses some fancy air rifles in the school basement, they go to an outdoor range off campus for shooting the real thing. Not sure if its a school rule because of insurance, city law, or just what.

    I know CDH doesn’t have an trap shooting team like many schools are getting. That would be nice, but seeing we don’t have any trap clubs close, its a transportation issue. They do have as part of an “Outdoors Club”, which covers lots of things including conservation, and MN DNR Firearms safety training.

    We should be training our youth in the proper respect and handling of firearms, whether they plan to own one in future or not.

    And, once again, from a CDH parent, and a firearms enthusiast, good job Cadets, hope you do well.

  9. FF, you are indeed a wise man! Neither of my kids cared to hunt with me, but they did agree to learn how to handle and respect guns as part of my household rules. Guns were in the house and although they were secured under double combo and keyed trigger locks, I insisted.

  10. I remember seeing an article a couple of years back (which probably means it was at least five years ago) about schools being interested in adding trap-shooting teams because it helped with Title 9 requirements since the teams could be co-ed.

    I remember once going through a week-long DNR firearms safety and certification class with my oldest daughter, held at the private school she was attending. I remember thinking at the time how the public schools were adamant that children receive and learn to use a condom because it was a children’s health and safety issue, but considered learning the safe use and handling of a gun as anathema.

  11. Night; I took my Minnesota State Firearms Safety training in a class room at Penn Junior High School (nka Northwestern Life Sciences) in Bloomington in 1968. My youngest brother also did so at the same place in 1976. Both of us were taught by one of the Phys Ed teachers, an avid sportsmen, that was also a founder of the defunct Bloomington-Richfield Sportsman’s Club. The club was located across the street from Normandale CC and we participated in many trap and skeet shooting tournaments there. The environazis got it closed because they were concerned about the lead shot and clay targets in the marsh which is where all of it landed.

  12. Terry; I wonder if Doggy would be willing to serve in one of those embassies for her Dictator in Chief.

  13. Michelle Bachmann is a lawyer with an advanced degree in tax law. She knows her job, Dog Gone, and she knows taxes. Since the Supreme Court declared Obamacare IS A TAX, then amending or even repealing this TAX law is well within her area of expertise and the scope of her duties.

    As for charity legislation, see Davy Crockett’s “Not Yours To Give” speech. Yes, I know some now claim he didn’t actually say those words himself. The rationale is still valid and it supports Michelle Bachmann, not you.

  14. Nate, Dog Gone watches entertainers Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert. This obviously makes her a greater expert on tax law than a person who took a post JD degree in tax law from William & Mary.

  15. Lessee….cost of introducing a bill to repeal the Health Insurance Deform Act (AKA Obamacare): $50 million.

    Cost of continuing Obamacare: $200 billion ANNUALLY. Not to mention the deaths that will occur because the Health Insurance Deform Act takes 2.3% off the top of medical device revenues, leading to many canceled devices (and thousands of layoffs) already.

    Sounds like Mrs. Bachmann has her head on straight, Doggone. And your head? Just where I thought it was.

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