The Best Years Of My Lives

Sic Transit Gloria Rock et Roll

The 400 Bar is likely an ex-bar.  It’s pining for the fjords.  It’s no longer nailed to its perch.

A message newly posted on the club’s website — which has been devoid of show listings or any updates since November — was the first confirmation that the building at 400 Cedar Avenue S. would be changing hands. It reads:

“After 17 years of presenting shows, we’ve closed the old building on the West Bank. Thanks to all the great music fans and artists who’ve worked so hard to make the 400 what it is. An online auction featuring some of the club’s memorabilia starts this weekend at See you in 2013.”

The bar’s operators for those 17 years, Tom and Bill Sullivan, are staying mum on the changes and letting O’Brien do the talking. And he’s not saying much. He did say that the building has been bought by Abdighani M. Ali, who is an assistant director of the south Minneapolis charter school Banaadir Academy and a Somali and Muslim community leader. Ali, however, could not be reached for confirmation.

I only played the 400 once, back in the eighties, back when its stage was about the size of a pool table.  But I always loved the place’s dingy vibe.

Oh, well – with the Uptown, the Union, MacReady’s and (the unlamented) Fernando’s gone, the Mitch Berg Nostalgia rock and roll tour has pretty much three stops – the First/Seventh, the Turf, and the Cabooze.

Which, as much as I get out these days, is probably going to still be pretty grueling.

5 thoughts on “The Best Years Of My Lives

  1. Last time I was there, I saw Southern Culture on the Skids, about 2-3 years ago.

  2. Mitch, what was your band in the eighties? I spent many a nights at First Ave, old 7th street entry, new 7th st entry, The Cabooze, Duffy’s/Norma Jeans, The Bowery, Coffman Union, The Union Bar………………….. Oh, those were the days.

  3. Three bands: Tenant’s Union, Joe Public, and The Supreme Soviet of Love.

    I doubt you saw any one of them. Hardly anyone ever did!

  4. “The Supreme Soviet of Love.”

    Regardless of whatever quality of music your band may have put out, that is one of the best band names I have ever seen.

  5. Bill,

    Yeah, I dream of starting a band and resurrecting that name, just because you only get so many great band names in your life.

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