Get Well Soon

Governor Dayton is apparently out of surgery for his back.  It apparently went well.

But the Strib gave us a late Christmas present yesterday, in announcing the appointment:

Minnesota Gov. Dayton heading to Mayo to undergo spinal surgery that will briefly sideline him

He was sidelined from his grueling schedule of reading instructions from Alida and periodically emerging from his office to gargle demands at the Legislature?

3 thoughts on “Get Well Soon

  1. When they opened him up, did they actually find a spine? Or, was it more of gelatinous, viscous, jelly-like, cartilage structure? We want the surgeon’s report!

  2. If I wanted to act like a hateful lefty, I would wish on Governor Jim Beam the same ill will that thousands of them Tweeted and posted on President Bush 41’s illness, expressing their hopes that he dies. But, I’m not a pathetic loser like them.

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