While Out And About This Weekend

A couple of quick notes here:

In addition to my usual light weekend posting schedule, posting on Monday and Tuesday will likely be very light.  It’s Christmas.  So sue me.  No, wait – I live in Saint Paul.  The Human Rights department just might.

But seriously?  Have a Merry Christmas if you’re of the Jesus Tribe, and a great long weekend otherwise!

The NARN will be on the air all this weekend.  Tomorrow, I’ll be talking about the new “Social Studies Standards”.  I’ll also be interviewing Representative Mary Franson (R Alexandria) about her effort to keep Minnesota informed about the push to unionize child-care providers.  Tune in from 1-3PM tomorrow!

One thought on “While Out And About This Weekend

  1. Hey, Merry Christmas to you, too, Mitch!

    I also wish Merry Christmas to all of my fellow posters, even the lefties!

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