10 thoughts on “Can You Imagine…

  1. Folks with high cholesterol levels have no business being fed as much pure red meat as is offered at Shot in the Dark. ;^)

  2. Well, two quick points…it’s Harry Belefonte…he’s already demonstrated a very weak grasp on reality, makes me wonder why in the world he’s given airtime on TV. Which brings up the second point….but then again, it’s MSNBC, which collectively has equally as firm a grasp on reality.

  3. Governor say no Carnival
    A big a riot police and thing
    A picket sign and the people start to sing

    Lord don’t stop the Carnival

    Harry doesn’t like Carnivals any more.

  4. When it comes to dredging the sewers for the most vile leftists on the planet, MSNBC is tops. They’re the Gong Show of cable news.

  5. I’m sure Rachel Maddow will be applying her teh mad analysis skillz to the attack on Stephen Crowder any minute now. She’ll be critical of the fact that old union thug swings like a (heterosexual) girl, and show us how she beats down her own bitchez.

  6. PJ, I saw this on Fox this morning. RG3 said that the only thing that he fears is God! Sounds like he has his head on straight to me! Funny that Steven A. Jackson didn’t correct this jackass, but he just said that he wouldn’t be a part of it. Pure left wing hypocrisy!

  7. BossHoss, my guess is that the d-bag who said this would’ve been cool with RGIII except that he may be a….Republican

  8. My thoughts, exactly, PJ. Also, I indicated Steven A. Jackson, but it’s Steven A. Smith. He did speak out against Parker’s assumptions and bias, to a point.

  9. I’m baffled why ANYONE would give a flying f**k what Belefonte has to say on any matter. The racist biggot is one of those that I would love to blast in the chops for this and many other things he’s said over the years.

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