A Slice Of Reality

To:  Arby’s
From: Mitch Berg, very rare Arby’s eater
Re:  Bo Dietle

Dear Arby’s:

I applaud you for dropping “RB”, the annoying pseudo-hipster who spent the past two years warbling “It’s good mood food!” at the end of your commercials.  Paradoxically, he inevitably eroded my mood.

But I have to ask: who green-lighted the current campaign, with “Bo Dietl”, the crusty “New York Detective” yammering about where the meat gets sliced? Trying to jam a meat slicer through a drive-through window?

It’s fast food, people. We know it’s all replicated from genetically-modified generic protein product.  And the fewer fast food joints have slicers, the fewer fingertips I bite into.

You’re not curing cancer, here.  Please see to this.

That is all.


3 thoughts on “A Slice Of Reality

  1. Great point, Mitch! Arby’s fails to mention that their roast beef is a roll processed from meat and meat by products.

  2. Arby’s is one of those companies, dominated by leftist executives, that sanctimoniously announced they would no longer advertise on the Limbaugh show after the Fluke incident. With no confirmation that they ever did advertise on his show, it is more likely that they were trying to start an avalanche of sponsor flight. Fortunately, it failed miserably and alerted the public that Arby’s management hates half its clientele.

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