6 thoughts on “More Of That New Civility In Action

  1. The guy punching Steven Crowder had his name on his jacket. Another guy asking for a gun to shoot Crowder with has also been identified.

    It’s up to local law enforcement to arrest these guys now.

  2. One of these days, a union goon is going to go after someone who is carrying. It won’t end well for the goon.

    And within hours, there will be bloodcurdling cries of anguish for more gun control, a’la Gabbie Giffords.

  3. These goons think that they won’t be held held accountable, that their union will protect them from the consequences of their actions.
    I don’t think that it works that way anymore. Get the dude’s name and put it out there.

  4. You have to love the defenders of the assault, saying Crowder “incited” them. You know, whereas “glitter bombing” was simply a free-spirited exercise of the first amendment. Honestly, these people must think “Double Standard” is some sort of chewing gum.

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