4 thoughts on “Open Letter To John Boehner

  1. I am struck by how much each Obama and Boehner is a centrist at heart, albeit with different philosophical leanings. Were no power at stake and no parties involved, I’m sure the two of them if asked could arrive at a consensus on deficit reduction and entitlement reform. There’s not much distance between them. The polarization is between the parties not the President and Speaker. Both parties’ ideologues insist that we stand on principle, no matter what the cost.

  2. And, it looks like he’s caving in again! I sent him a scathing email on Monday telling him to get three pounds of flesh up front, before giving one. I also talked with one of his staffers yesterday and told them to remember that the DemocRATs can’t be trusted and reminded them what Tipsy O’Neill did to Reagan and Clinton et al did to George Bush Sr.

  3. Fortunately for the country, Obama can now ignore his clamoring base. That is why he must be the one to compromise. The House Republicans all have an election in 2 years. That may be unfair, but that is how the constitution is written.

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