Open Letter To NBC Sports

To:  NBC
From: Mitch Berg, guy counting down the days ’til pitchers and catchers report
Re:  “Sportscasters”

Dear NBC,

Yesterday, Bob Costas used your “sports” air time to babble an uninformed, utterly wrong anti-Second-Amendment screed.

Now, don’t get me started on sportscasters and sportswriters and “sports radio” people; for the most part, they are at the cutting edge of everything that’s wrong with America.  They glorify a sports culture that once at least paid lip service to the best our society had to  offer, but today mostly glorifies all that is base and stupid in our culture.  And let’s not kid ourselves; whatever they glorify, it’s all about making bank for the people that own the teams that give the Sports Media a market, which in turn allows you, NBC Sports, to make bank yourselves.

And when they get into politics?  Forget unions and welfare; sportswriters, sportscasters and the drooling baboons and chattering lemmings that take them seriously were the ones that badgered the Legislature into giving Zygi Wilf a billion-dollar spiff to his investment.  Just as they did in turn for the owners of the Twins, the Wild and the Woofies before them. Sports America is the biggest welfare state there is.

And now we have Bob Costas – a guy who wants to be his generation’s Frank DeFord so badly you can smell it on the wind – using your “sports” airtime to prate and gabble about the Second Amendment.   As if taking an troubled boy with a talent for running or blocking or tackling or catching a ball, glorifying his talent from the age of eight on, allowing him to grow into a rich, spoiled, entitled adult with no education or sense of perspective to feed the system that has made him, his team owners, Costas and all of you obscenely wealthy along the way, didn’t have a role in creating someone so unstable he thought he was justified in killing another human being.

Let’s put this another way; after a career spent making America’s sports industry (and, incidentally, himself) rich, what caliber of handgun did OJ Simpson use?

Or is there a Bob Costas riff against butcher knives out there that I’m not aware of?

Oh, yeah – I don’t watch NBC Sports, and haven’t for decades, so any threat to boycott will be an empty one.  But you get the picture.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Open Letter To NBC Sports

  1. Costas is taking the offensive so we won’t discuss the dozens of times Belcher’s brain was slammed around in his head playing a game that allows guys like Costas to wear Armani and pinky rings.

    The good news is, that while our Constitution guarantees our right to own firearms, it doesn’t say anything about organized sports, so we can immediately reduce the violence and the brain damage that causes it by banning the NFL.

  2. When I heard his screed a word came to my lips I have tried to refrain from using since my kids were old enough to echo their daddy.

    Sportscasters are juveniles. When I want something totally vacuous to clutter my brain I’ll tune in KFAN and listen to grown men pretend they’re relevant.

  3. What does Costas have to say about the hundreds of murders committed this year in south Chicago by thugs who don’t play games on Sunday before millions?

  4. Open letter to Bob Costas:
    From a non-gun owning Constitution-respecting retired guy:
    Dear Bob: Opinions are like assholes. Everybody’s got one. TV networks have more than they can use. That is all.

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