Aiming At The Higher Ed Bubble With #4 Buckshot

If this is what our “Higher Ed” dollars is buying, then the bubble can’t possibly burst soon enough.

Here’s his website.

I think we all have examples of professors who’ve outlived their usefulness, and on whom “academic freedom” is as much a waste as their public, endowment or student-paid salaries.

12 thoughts on “Aiming At The Higher Ed Bubble With #4 Buckshot

  1. What an odious little puke!
    This from a review on Amazon of his “Khruschev Lied” book, says it all:

    “This book is an affront to the general concept of history, to the lives and deaths of many honest Soviet citizens. It is a cheap bid for notoriety by an American with little understanding of Russian history. But it is indeed a politically astute bid to appeal to neo-Stalinists.

    It’s an appalling book both morally and professionally. I view the time I spent reading it and fact-checking it as “god time.” Time I, as a human on earth, was unfairly seducted into spending into a corrupt path. Time I should, if there is indeed a fair and beneficent god, be refunded into mortal life. To wit: I regret every minute I’ve spent on this morally corrupt work.”

  2. I have worked with some of the (living) victims of Communism. I would love to put some of them in a ring with this clown and charge $10 to watch on pay per view, with the benefits going to help the victims of Communism.

  3. While obviously wrong on it’s face, this kook’s mass murderer apologetics can at least be attributed to scholarly research…The University of Minnesota seems to specialize in free-range kooks who’s efforts cannot be attributed to even knowing what day of the week it is.

    We have one associate professor (BTW, for those that don’t know it, for 50+ yr olds, “associate” means “I’m a loser that they just can’t get rid of”) who abandoned his bleeding edge research into what happens when you drown Zebrafish embryos in ethyl alcohol (turns out nothing good comes of it) to become the world’s foremost publicy funded, foaming-at-the-mouth religious bigot, and another that abandoned, well, he didn’t actually ever do anything worth abandoning to become the world’s foremost publicly funded cyber stalker.

    In comparison, I’d say that Montclair is getting more than it’s money’s worth.

  4. We can only pray the Higher Ed bubble will burst soon. At some point, parents will look at psychopaths like this and conclude their children ought to get something better for their money and send them to nursing school or military service or mechanics school – anything but this nonsense.

    What a disservice. What a ripoff of a parent’s good money. Talk about your holocaust deniers! And, for this he gets tenure and we get to pay for his retirement!

  5. Post this on YouTube! Maybe it will go viral and this worthless snot wad will get the thrashing he deserves.

  6. Montclair does have a website. I sent them a note pointing out that a Holocaust denier couldn’t stick around, even with tenure, and why should a denier of the Soviet Holocaust keep his job? The evidence is simply that clear.

  7. Ya know, if you stop and think about it a minute, it’s not the assorted asshat dancing professors in clown suits at colleges and uni’s that should create outrage, it’s the highly paid administrators that have been entrusted to run serious institutions but are, instead, presiding over three ring circuses.

    There is simply no excuse to tolerate the presence of Ward Churchill’s, PZ Meyers’ or Bill “Uncle Kreepie” Gleason’s.

  8. I say we all chip in and give this guy a one way ticket to North Korea. Let him tell North Koreans that their government isn’t trying to kill them

  9. As I met many people in my lifetime who lived under Soviet oppression including Stalin, they tell an entirely different story than this man. Plus there are thousands of little biographies that corroborate what Stalin told. Heck, we know the pictures where people were airbrushed out. No doubt this foolish teacher thinks that even Trotsky died by accidental gunfire. I suppose it should not be amazing that some person can be so foolish as to deny the Stalinist purges when there are those who deny the Holocaust. How would this fellow describe the Katyn Forest? Never mind this guy should work to not lose his day job.

  10. Islamic “scholars” believe The Protocols of Zion is 100% true and accurate. This is simply a westernized version of that, but probably a little more insidious.

  11. Don’t know POD. Got rid of my twitter account in August and as far as I know, he hasn’t been cyber stalking me, or commiting more acts of libel. Be interested to know who has replaced me in his obsessions…or maybe Mitch is bearing the load all by his lonesome.

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