And Happy Thanksgiving To You Too

The SEIU – who else? – is planning on protesting tomorrow at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).

On Thanksgiving.

What exactly is SEIU protesting for? They say that an airport contract is breaking the city law on living wages – which, of course, is nonsense, since that would be prosecutable. They also say that the contractor has eliminated “affordable healthcare” for over 400 workers. Which is, again, bull. After all, can’t the SEIU just rely on Obamacare?

It’s California.  They’ll buy anything.

3 thoughts on “And Happy Thanksgiving To You Too

  1. Yea, I think that P. T. Barnum’s (alleged – as no one really knows who said it) famous quote; “There’s a sucker born every minute,” applies to CA residents. Wait! What the hell… it applies to all DemocRATs!

  2. What kind of management signed those deals with the teamsters and other unions in the first place? Were the unions blameless? Hardly. But if my kids get rotten teeth because I give in to every one of their demands for candy, is it their fault or mine?

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