I Might Understand Utah Or Texas

The Regime is sending diplomats to….


The State Department has announced that it’s sending the assistant secretary of state for international organization affairs to … Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Maybe they thought it was “Myanmar”, too.

This part was actually funny:

“Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs Esther Brimmer will travel to Minneapolis, Minnesota, November 19 where she will be hosted by Congressman Keith Ellison (D-MN) and participate in a series of discussions with civil society organizations

If the not-remotely-civil Keith Ellison is involved in “civil society organizations”, look for a hidden rocket launcher.

3 thoughts on “I Might Understand Utah Or Texas

  1. Minneapolis is officially a Third World Country.

    St. Paul Mayor Coleman is rumored to be wildly jealous. No word what he intends to do to his city, to catch up

  2. This is a back-door attempt to bring sharia via the Somali community – sort of like what Canada has been implementing.

  3. I don’t know about that – with our large Somali and Hmong population (don’t we have the largest or one of the largest of each in the country?), it may make sense for the Twin Cities to a location for this sort of event.

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