Did Tim Pawlenty get a phone call today?

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Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) is canceling print and broadcast interviews for the day…


Pawlenty cancels TV interviews

Pioneer Press

Pawlenty abruptly cancels afternoon interviews in Denver

CNN is reporting a “cone of silence” forming around Governor Pawlenty and that friends of the Governor are suddenly not able to reach him (which is not uncommon if he is in fact flying at the moment).

Pawlenty cancels media interviews

Asked if he has the experience to be vice president, Pawlenty reminded reporters, as he often does, that he does not address GOP presidential V.P. speculation.

Pawlenty then went on to say: “I would note I have been a governor for six years, commander in chief of the Minnesota National Guard for six years, and before that I was the majority leader of the Minnesota Legislature. [I] have some other life experiences as well.”

VP selection process complete, McCain campaign confirms

Drudge posts “Romney Family gets Security Sweep” and then pulls it, but leaves up “PAWLENTY CANCELS NUMEROUS PUBLIC APPEARANCES…

4:50 PM: A neighbor of Governor Pawlenty is reporting to me that news helicopters are hovering overhead.

6 PM: Drudge: Meet Tim Pawlenty…

9:59 PM: McCain camp won’t reveal VP tonight (I’m going to bed)

Early 8/29: Pawlenty confirms in an interview with WCCO Radio that he will not be in Ohio today and is not McCain’s choice for Vice President.

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5 thoughts on “Did Tim Pawlenty get a phone call today?

  1. Thanks. And my HT is the National Review, who took it from The Atlantic. Starting to have second thoughts about it. Usually the first big clue turns out to be false.

  2. Always the faithful supporter, my guess is that Pawlenty is running cover for the actual pick.

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