Joe Doakes of Como Park writes:

I think Republicans should send Paul Ryan around the country talking to Kiwanis and Women Of Today groups, starting tomorrow. He’s been vetted and has no skeletons. He can talk like a human: not too wonky, not too smarmy. He can pick three problems facing the nation and explain why it’s going to be a bitch to fix them but it’s got to be done and here’s how we need to do it. Face-to-face, he can rebut the mainstream media slander.

If Democrats learn of it and have a Clinton moment where they adopt our ideas and save the country – wonderful.

If not, we run Ryan next time and watch him steamroll Hilary.

Joe Doakes

Como Park

I’ve seen worse ideas.

4 thoughts on “Planning

  1. As the autopsy of the Romney campaign is under way, we are learning interesting things about the campaign’s strategy and tactics. Mitch covered the beta testing of GOTV effort earlier. Another issue was bottling up Ryan.
    Ryan’s a guy who came up working for Bill Bennett and the late Jack Kemp. He’s been to contentious gatherings and learned (as a repeatedly elected Republican in then deep blue ‘Sconnie) how to talk with people who disagree. This years version of Steve Schmidt decided not to go to the hood, the bodega’s or the taverns to talk about what really mattered and to give people a true look at the candidate. Instead they allowed Obama and his team of psychologists characture Romney/Ryan as elitist, out of touch, uncaring rich guys.
    As the Republicans are about to allow Obama to raise 90 billion through higher tax rates on ‘the rich’ to close a trillion dollar deficit, it might be easier to give the conventional country club Republicans who run the party their ultimate dream – permanent tee times at Congressional Country Club – while the Conservatives who stayed home get to work explaining the concept of free people and free markets on those who don’t want us to be a copy of the United Kingdom with better teeth.

  2. I wonder what a Ryan/Rand Paul ticket would look like in 2016? Maybe Rubio/Jindal or Haley or even Noem.

  3. Republicans will have at least one person of a protected class in 2016 (and Mormans, Catholics and overweight-Americans don’t count). So look for Jindal or Haley or Rubio. And spring of 2016 is a long enough time away that any of those will either show their weaknesses by then, or shore up their leadership experience.

  4. Ok, I have thought this a long time now, and even vocalized it to people who would listen on occasion…it is time for the Republican Party to adopt a liberty platform.

    Yes, by all means, eliminate public funding for abortions and contraceptives (as well as a host of other things that don’t belong being funded by government), but resign yourself to the fact that you will never get Roe v. Wade overturned…and that people are going to have sex. Some unmarried people, some of the same gender, and sometimes even more than two at once…it’s going to happen, as it has since the dawn of man. You don’t need to like it. But you do need to get over the pretense that this doesn’t happen. Whatever consequences come from these actions will be theirs to bear. But I am a firm beleiver that if government quit subsidizing illegitimacy and poverty, it WILL decline.

    You also need to accept the fact that there are many out there…MANY…that want governemnt minimized from their lives, businesses, the economy etc., but when you start quoting scriptures and acting like religious zealots they tune out and look at you as if you belong to a cult…sometimes even if they consider themselves Christian.

    Think of all the Libertarians and Constitutionalists out there that might just be Republican if the GOP would adopt a liberty outlok, a return to our founding principles…that man is free to choose to do as he pleases as long as he is not infringing on others rights…and he reaps the beneifits, or the consequences of those actions.

    Think of a nation run by a government that exists to protect us from force or fraud, and to protect the rights with which all men are born.

    Unfortunately lately all I see is government that commits the acts against it’s citizenry that it’s primary role is to protect against.

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