Everything I Need To Know About Recovering From Electoral Disappointment I Learned From (The Original) Red Dawn

Do I even need to say it?

Nationwide, it was a 50-50 election, aided by a media that gave up most pretense of legitimacy to play praetorian guard, and a turnout machine that was, frankly,pretty flawless.

It wasn’t helped by Romney’s campaign’s epic technical bobble – putting all its swing-state GOTV efforts into a technical basket that hadn’t even been stress-tested, and which failed miserably under pressure on election day.

But we held the US House.  Unlike 2008, Obama at least has a speed bump or two in his way.

As to Minnesota – well, Katie bar the door.  I’d bet on a budget over $40 billion, and taxes to match.  I’d also bet that Minnesota companies accelerate pushing their blue-collar operations across the borders to North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Mexico and points west.   We’ll still have lots of Fortune 500 companies here, in the same way New York has a lot of them.  But the people who do the building, manufacturing, servicing, warehousing, planning, programming?  These jobs are going, boys, and they ain’t coming back.

The good news?  The Senate elected Dave Hann and some of his best Tea Party underclassmen to leadership – Dave Thompson, Roger Chamberlain and the like . The House leadership under Kurt Kaudt should be similarly aligned to – I hope, dear Lord, I hope – tell the DFL to go pound sand when they try to put a “bipartisan” veneer on their excesses.

After leaving this state with no significant tax hikes, a stable unemployment rate and no deficit, it should be a stark contrast with the state we see in two years.

29 thoughts on “Everything I Need To Know About Recovering From Electoral Disappointment I Learned From (The Original) Red Dawn

  1. Well, from what I’ve been reading in the lefty echo chamber, this is much ado about nothing. See, the stinking lefties are gonna be *cautious*….that means they’ll be reaching into your pockets soooo smoothly you won’t even know they’ve been there.

    Here’s a little sample:


  2. Democrats won the popular vote; only lost due to gerrymandering in the House. The win for Obama was pretty substantial.

    The reason the right lost was the right wing policies, attitudes and assumptions which are as flawed as your math, of which polling is only one example. You have egregiously bad and wrong and mistaken beliefs about a wide range of topics ranging from gay marriage to voter fraud to women being sluts for wanting affordable contraception, to being anti-abortion fanatics. You have insulted minorities far too long for them to believe you when you field a few token faces or names from those communities. Your policies are what caused you to lose. That includes your economic policies and especially your assumptions about taxes.

    Your policies simply don’t work. Under your government majority, we lost our state and federal credit rating. The only way that our budget was resolved was not through good tax policy, but through funky accounting maneuvers.

    Your expensive and unnecessary attempt at resolving non-existent voter fraud and your attempt to end a very successful same day voting process was rejected.

    Being business friendly, genuinely, means no state marriage amendment, and probably means a future same sex marriage change.

    Your party is racist, your party is misogynist, and your party is anti-immigrant.
    That was rejected by the overwhelming majority. Although in those right wing states like Florida and Arizona, it takes waaaaay too long to vote and even longer to get a vote count.

    Your wedge issues backfired on you this time.

  3. Well DG, I still would like an explanation for your support for vigilante justice in cases of offensive speech violations.

    Your party now has complete control of Minnesota’s Legislature. What do you want them to do? Remember no compromise is necessary.

  4. Dog Gone,

    In a previous thread, I asked you to please answer my question: how was “Stand Your Ground” “crap legislation”?

    Since you have repeatedly shown you don’t understand what was IN the legislation (your crack about BCA data last week was a great example – SYG would have enhanced sharing that data), I’m calling your BS.

    As all of us do every time you show up here, DG. But please – favor us with a detailed answer.

  5. Your party is racist, your party is misogynist, and your party is anti-immigrant.

    Nope, no mindless chanting of idiotic party lines there.

    DG, answer my question above. BEFORE you drop any more of your bobbleheaded chanting points on my site.

  6. “Racist”

    You can not show me a single significant Republican (forget about precinct chairs from the Gulf Coast of Alabama) who’d treated a minority opponent the way Alan West, Condi Rice, Mia Love, Susannah Martinez, Chris Fields and many, many more have been treated by mainstream Democrats.


    Ditto your sides’ treatement of every female conservative. Watching some of your “male” leftyblog pals writing about Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Mary Franson, Rice…EVERY female conservative, I have to wonder if they do their typing with one hand.

    No, DG, we are none of the above. All three accusations are part of the Dems’ bid to lock in the “low-information voters” – let’s cut the crap and call them “dumb people” since it applies.

    But again, I’m not interested in your response. Tell us all about the Cornish “Stand Your Ground” bill.

    I know you can’t. On no issue does your knowledge extend deeper than DFL chanting points – and the DFL isn’t putting out any more on Cornish’s billl, are they?

    Go ahead. Surprise me.

  7. Dog, did you know that the number one cause of death for African-Americans is abortion? That 60% of all Black children in NYC die through abortion. What is can be more racist than genocide?

  8. Chuck,
    in 2011 MN recoded 11,071 induced abortions

    according to the census bureau the population of MN is 86.9% white, it is 5.4% black

    the white percentage of those 11,071 abortions was 58.52%
    the black percentage of those 11,071 abortions was 23.17%

    if you are a black baby in MN you are 4 times more likely to be aborted

    but don’t think for a minute Planned Parenthood is not still carrying on Margaret Sanger’s “Social Hygiene” program

  9. Chuck, Mongrel Cur is already having herself a wonderful day, and I’m sure the visual of thousands of butchered human beings in her head makes it time for an unscheduled panty change for her, but it tends to put the rest of us off our food.

  10. Angryclown suspects a big part of the flawless turnout machine was backlash against your voter suppression efforts. Sooner or later, you may have to come up with a reason for people who aren’t angry white guys to vote your way. Based on the intelligence level of Mitch’s commenters, Angryclown predicts you loonies will have to absorb a few more ass-beatings before you get the message.

  11. Hey AssClown, remember the ’94 midterms?
    You just keep wanking yourself raw over that personally autographed Barry memior and I’ll keep a heaping shit taco warm for ya pal.

  12. Sure, dumbass, Angryclown’s a student of history. If you want to console yourself by dragging out your 18-year-old beefcake shot of Newt Gingrich, you go right ahead. Angryclown prefers the present, in which you and your fellow loonies got your butts waxed on Tuesday and can’t stop whining about how unfair the whole world is. Working on a secession petition yet? Angryclown laughs at your pain.

  13. ‘When we win it’s because they tried to suppress our votes!’
    Gosh! I guess I’ll try to get more dems to vote next time! That way we’ll win!!
    Population of moronville just increased by one Angry Clown.

  14. Hey AC, now that your dear leader conned you useful idiots AGAIN, to give him four more years, how long do you think that it will be before your crappy city gets even somewhat back to normal? Most of you are victims of your own stupidity by not preparing for the worst, now all you can do is whine. Good luck with that, loser!

  15. Boss Hogg, you are a sad little man. We had terrorists crash planes into buildings and went to work the next day. You think we can’t deal with a little flooding? Please. We’re up and running, generating the vast wealth needed to pay for the food stamps for your whole mobile home park, while you whine about “big gubmint” between bites of surplus cheese.

  16. Boss, AssClown never gave the rain a second thought; he’s a student of history, you see…

    He knew that after Katrina the shit heels floated to the top. No reason to believe they’re any less buoyant in New York.

  17. Funny you should mention Katrina, Shiftee. Must be a shock to see a president responding competently to a flood, eh? Not to mention that fat guy hugging the president and all but endorsing him the week before the election. That knife in the back has to hurt.

  18. Yea, right AC. Go with that. That’s why FEMA had so many resources staged and positioned for the aftermath. You may still be nice and cozy down there in your mommy’s basement, but your Fuhrer’s propaganda machine is still covering your fellow sheep that are too stupid to run their own lives and want the government to do it for them. You can deny it all you want, but the bleating “where is the Red Cross?” “where is Con-Ed?”, “Where is LIPA?” when the place is like a war zone, are getting ridiculous. Because your head is so far up your ass, you don’t realize that all he did was get a photo op to secure votes and Christie fell for it, too.

  19. Must be a shock to see a president responding competently to a flood, eh?

    Like on Long Island?

  20. AssClown, I’m happy wherever there’s a dimwitted lefty to mock; right now, you’re making me a very happy man.

    Ya gotta love a tool that mistakes stopping in between tee times for competence; especially when the nightly news is filled with the tear squirting visages of clueless New Yorkers waiting for a government union thug to show up and turn their coal fired power back on!

  21. Alas, Shiftee, you can’t get a majority of the country to agree with you. Now bow down to your socialist overlords!

  22. No need to bow.

    We will suffer, like everyone else, as we always do under foolish leadership. And, like always, we will do our best to make sure fools, like yourself, cannot ignore the connection between the vote and the consequences.

  23. angryclown said:

    “Must be a shock to see a president responding competently to a flood, eh?”

    A Democrat President doesn’t need to do much to be called “competent” by angryclown. He sets the bar low.

    He probably should get another Nobel prize for his Sandy response, right angryclown?

  24. angryclown said:

    “Not to mention that fat guy hugging the president and all but endorsing him the week before the election. That knife in the back has to hurt.”

    Character revealed. Who got hurt now?

  25. AssClown, the majority of the country just finished shuffling down main street with their pants down around their ankles…I’m supposed to give a shit what they think? LOL!

    But listen, do me a favor, will ya? Tell that old broad in Long Island that is on my television everynight snivelling in that grating, nasally voice about the crappy service her union overlords at Inspections are providing to just pay her stinking taxes and STFU.

    Where the hell does she think she is…Texas?

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