6 thoughts on “The Beatings Will Continue Until There Is Hope And Change

  1. I’m in the energy sector (electic power), and I can tell you we can all expect that anything that is fossil fuel related will see the cost of the product(s) increase by multiples (read skyrocket). This will be done by EPA fiat. I had read just a week ago that the EPA was planning numerous regulations that they were going to put into place if Barry lost. The consensus was that even though he would have been a lame duck the new regs would be extremely difficult to roll back. Now that he’ll be around for another 4 years they’re going to go full bore to impose their will on all of us. At the end of the day the ones that will be most impacted by this folley will be the middle income and the poor. I expect that the poor will get additional hand-outs to alieve the blow, others will only be left to bathe in the “greenness”. Their will be many in those industries mentioned that will undoubtedly be laid off and be relinguished to the ranks of the poor. Be afraid, be very afraid!!

  2. Scott, you are correct.

    And, if we think that the gas prices at an average of $3.35 in MN is high, as the BTO song goes; “Baby, you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

    It was just announced that David Patreus has resigned! Many of the left wing propaganda bobble heads predicted that he would stay.

  3. Petraeus resignation. I saw the headline, thought, he’s been thrown under the bus over Benghazigate. Then I read further. Extramarital affair. WTF? Head of the CIA can’t have an affair without getting caught? No wonder the intelligence community is in trouble. Further thought. Didn’t the 42nd POTUS have an affair with an intern? And for all intents and purposes there were no consequences? Whatever happened to “Move On?”

  4. Well, having an affair IS both illegal under the UCMJ (which doesn’t apply directly to intel, but still) and is considered a risk in the intelligence community.

    Although I’ll bet there’s more to it than that.

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