Cutting Out The Middle Men

Word has been making the rounds that Obama plans to declare victory late this afternoon – long before the polls even start closing on the East Coast.

If it happens, it’ll be an attempt to do what the Big Three Networks tried to do for Algore in 2000; declare victory early enough to discourage Republican voters in the Central, Mountain and Pacific time zones.

If you are a Real American, you need to make sure your Republican relatives know what’s up.  This is way too important to leave to chance and the ministrations of our in-the-bag major media.

The Democrats and the media – and yes, let’s cut the crap and recognize they are indistinguishable – will do whatever it takes to finagle a victory for The One.

Bandwagoneering?  That’s nothing.

11 thoughts on “Cutting Out The Middle Men

  1. A face-palm from Slashdot (my emphasis):

    In Northern VA myself. Voted thrice in Minnesota and many times in Virginia. Have to say that Virginia requirements are ridiculous for voting and are almost designed to stop people who don’t have their shit together from voting. In 2000 on the U of MN campus I was walking around campus on election day and outside they had a big thing setup for me to vote. I had my student ID and driver’s license and that was all they needed to register me, take my vote and give me a voter registration ID! They asked if I had a utility bill and I told them I was living in a dorm room on campus. No further questions needed, just had to fill out a form.

    I arrive in September of 2004 in Virginia … totally different story. After producing my birth certificate and about five other forms of documentation at a Virginia DMV, I get my VA license. A month later I check out what I have to do to vote. Guess what? You have to register 22 days before the election SO I was basically shit outta luck. Good thing I was able to absentee ballot for Minnesota (having recently moved).

  2. Well, NBC called the election for him last night! Even though this was another irresponsible propaganda move by these sycophants, hopefully, the only ones that believed it, were the useful idiots that might have gone to vote for him today. And, we all know that there are at least 200,000 people that did believe it.

  3. Terry; but there’s no problem with illegal voting, because the prosecutors aren’t looking into this, right?

    Don’t see what Mitch predicts as having happened yet, thankfully. Or have wiser heads than currently live at 1600 Pennsylvania said “if you want to lose ALL of the Midwest, go right ahead and try this stunt”.?

  4. “Problems reported with Minneapolis voting machines!”

    Yep. At my precinct, we were feeding the ballots into the hopper, rather than into the machine. It doesn’t necessarily indicate shenanigans – I’ve seen it happen to machines where I was poll-watching, and watched as the ballots were later fed in when the machine was working – but it doesn’t make people feel confident.

  5. Later this evening (much later) St. Louis county will submit the coup-de-grace to Rep. Cravaack and another 53 votes for Al Franken from 2008.

  6. What the hell do we do now? The freeloaders have spoken, so the rest of us better stock up on ammo, gold and silver, because the crap is definitely going to hit the fan.

  7. You were wrong Mitch; Obama gave his acceptance speech LONG after the various media declared him the winner.
    There is no voter fraud, certainly not that would be prevented by voter ID; although a few days ago one of the rare instances occurred out in Nevada. A white female REPUBLICAN voter was caught trying to vote twice. Nevada does not have voter ID; they have laws very much like ours here in MN.
    Voting machines in PA were changing Obama votes to Romney.
    The right wing voter suppression didn’t work – people DID stand in line for up to 8 hours or more to vote, and the courts threw out most of the attempts to restrict voting hours.
    The usual right wing efforts at election tampering, like trying to misdirect people to the wrong polling place, or telling them to vote on the wrong day, or throwing out democratic voter registrations – like the Sproul operation – failed to make a dent in the majority.

    Even your lot of right wingers can’t really believe the size of this referendum that disapproved of the conservatives who won in 2010 was a conspiracy. The numbers are far too high for that to be remotely possible. Your attempts at culture war by constitutional amendment was a real failure.

    Even the top right wingers admit that you believing in voter fraud is faith in a myth.

    At least your tinfoil hats protected you from the rain yesterday!

    I hope you turn away from the dark side of extremism and come back to the light of fact and objective reality. Your exiled moderates have been embraced by Minnesotans, your partisan crazies have been rejected.

    I am looking forward to the Bachmann/Graves recount though – that should be fun.

  8. DG,

    It’s been years, now, where we’ve been showing you on a comment by comment basis how very much mired in objective fact you are not.

    And I’ve never been an extremist. Just a conservative.

    And to say that the majority that Alida Messinger just bought is “moderate” is further proof that you’re writing to us from planet DG.

    I mean, congrats on winning an angry low-information “victory” focused on ignorance and anger and all. But still.

  9. By the way, DG,

    It’s been over six months. How was Rep. Cornish’s “Stand your Ground” bill “crap legislation?”

    Please be specific. And do us a solid; ;indulge in some of that “objective reality” you talk so much about – because your argument has been sorely lacking it to date, and since my argument on the subject is entirely just that, it’s made a fairly boring discussion so far.

  10. Really, Doggy Breath? A DemocRAT poll worker in NY, was caught telling people how to vote DemocRAT, including the GOP candidate challenging that empty dress Hillebrand. And, of course, Obumbler’s goon squad, the Black Panthers were intimidating voters in PA, AGAIN! But, of course, those types of things are OK as long as you libturds do it! But, hey, you’ve got that Saul Alinsky thing down cold; accusing the other side of the things that you are doing! Nice job, useful idiot!

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