This Guy Would Have Made A Good Saint Paul Republican

I couldn’t resist:

I was 234th through the polling line in St. Paul Ward 4 Precinct 14. Turnout was moderate, maybe a little lighter than I’ve seen; I remember it being much heavier at the same time of the day back in 2008 and especially 2004.

I voted GOP down the line, as promised; Romney/Ryan, Bills, Hernandez, Karschnia, Lipp.

I also voted Yes on Voter ID (doy) and on Marriage, for the reasons I explained yesterday.

5 thoughts on “This Guy Would Have Made A Good Saint Paul Republican

  1. I’m in Precinct 18 (West Bloomington) and I arrived there about 9:45. All 20 booths were occupied, as were the overflow tables. Waited about 5 minutes to vote all GOP, Yes and Yes! Three of my friends are Poll Workers, so I stopped to chat with them. They advised that there was a large turnout for the first hour, then it was steady from there, with few lulls. As I was leaving, they determined that the usual “10:00 Surge” was beginning. There was a buzz in the air there! Go GOP! Let’s take our country back and KEEP IT this time!

  2. I always had sympathy for the guy driving the lead tank.

    The guy standing in front of the tank had, to use a Bidenism, private parts the size of billiard balls.

    But can you imagine the fate of the guy driving the lead tank? That took humanity as well. Is there any information on that man or did he become a non-person?

  3. If only I had Photoshop and knew how to use it. See because if I did, I’d replace the tanks with a Light Rail train cars.
    Or maybe since there have been people run over by the Hiawatha line, you should be able to just link or embed a video of someone being run over by a light rail train.
    Of course that would take away from the Tienamann Square meme you’re going for.

  4. Not a bad idea, Seflores! I had an argument a couple of weeks ago with some idiot at the Twin West Chamber of Commerce about the latest proposed boondoggle expansion. She was obviously a libturd.

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